Shocking Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplants have stealthily infiltrated many of our homes, occupying every nook and cranny with their lush, green presence. But did you know these unassuming leafy companions hold an array of astounding benefits? From purifying the air and boosting productivity to reducing stress and even enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, indoor plants are more than just aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we’ll unearth some truly shocking revelations that will have you scampering to your nearest nursery. So, get ready to dive into the verdant world of these unsung heroes and discover the extraordinary advantages that lie hidden beneath their foliage.

Improve Air Quality

This may be the most obvious, but research has repeatedly shown that house plants can improve your home’s air quality. While opening a window and increasing ventilation can help with this, studies have found that houseplants have a higher rate of removal for chemical compounds found in the air, such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentrations. Look into air purifier indoor plants to improve the air quality of your home.

Remove Odors from the Air

While this may not be essential for health, removing odors from your home can make the space more pleasant for those in it. They can remove odors from cooking, pets, laundry, sweat, and various other sources to help refresh the air. Even if you’ve already gone nose blind to the smells in your home, getting houseplants can still offer noticeable improvements in the smell of your home for both you and your guests.

Dampen Sound

Houseplants can dampen your home’s sound, allowing for greater peace and quiet. Creating more tranquility in your home can do wonders to improve the mental health of everyone in it. It can help to make the space one that is more pleasant and productive to be in.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress can be detrimental to both our physical and mental well-being. Houseplants, however, can remarkably reduce stress levels, thereby significantly enhancing our overall health. By alleviating both physiological and psychological stress, these leafy companions deliver a powerful double punch for improving your mind and body — a true two-for-one deal!

Help You Sleep

Getting a good amount of quality sleep is essential for one’s health. Luckily, houseplants have the ability to improve one’s sleep. This is done by purifying the air in your bedroom and releasing scents that help you relax. Try putting a houseplant such as an aloe vera indoor plant in your bedroom and see how it helps your ability to sleep.

Improve Mood in the Winter Months

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can make the cold and dreary Winter months even tougher. Houseplants can be a way to help make this time of year a little less rough to get through. Having flowers and other greenery around you can help lessen the effects of the seasonal depression you may be plagued with annually.

How to Get These Benefits

There are multiple ways to reap the many benefits of having houseplants throughout your home. If a room looks out to large urban landscapes lacking greenery, try placing house plants there to help liven them up. If a room looks out over nature, they’re already ahead of the game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include plants there, too. Plants can help with other aspects of the room, such as odor and air quality. Lastly, it’s important to include the right plants in your rooms to get the improvements you’re looking for.

What Plants to Choose

As mentioned earlier, getting the right plants you’re looking for is important to reap their benefits fully. Depending on what area of your life you’re looking to improve or what room you’re hoping to put plants in, knowing such things will help you decide the right plants to get. Here are the best indoor plants for apartments, houses, offices, or other spaces you should consider getting based on your needs.

To Purify the Air of Benzene and Formaldehyde:

  • Madagascar Dragon Tree
  • Spider Plant
  • Boston Fern
  • Mother-in-law’s Tongue
  • AGM

For Reducing Stress:

  • Lavender

To Help You Sleep:

  • Snake Plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • Orchids
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender

Multiple Benefits:

  • African Violet
  • Corn Plant
  • Ficus
  • Peace Lily
  • Succulents
  • Weeping Fig

For Your Living Room:

  • Peace Lily: These are low maintenance, and air purifiers.
  • Philodendrons: These are another air purifier with a variety of ways to incorporate them into your decor.

For Your Bedroom:

  • Snake Plants: Release oxygen at night rather than carbon dioxide to help you sleep.
  • Orchids: These do the same as Snake Plants.

For Your Bathroom:

  • Ferns: Ferns, particularly Boston Ferns, do well in the filtered light and moist air of a bathroom.
  • Air Plants: These plants are almost impossible to kill, can get most of their water from the air’s moisture, and don’t need soil, making them perfect for the bathroom environment.

For Your Office:

  • Spider Plants: These are perfect for those not well equipped or who have little time when it comes to caring for plants, as they are hard to kill and easily propagate.
  • Gerbera Daisies: These plants add color to the room as well as remove toxins in the air, particularly ones connected to ink.

Get Yourself a Houseplant

Houseplants are more than a pretty addition to your home. While they can add to the decor, they also can provide you with a variety of physical and mental health benefits, such as purifying the air, lowering stress levels, and helping you sleep. If you haven’t already filled your home with them, now may be the time to do so. Even if you don’t notice much of a change, you’ll still be gifted with pretty greenery for your home.

Different plants are skilled at different things, so know what it is you want from your plants before purchasing them. This will allow you to get the most from them when it comes to improving your overall health. Go out to get a few plants for sale today at and begin noticing the large changes in yourself and your home that will certainly arise from these plants.