Welcome to Yarden.

Our history literally is rooted in the soil. Yarden has spent generations growing, nursing, and farming plants, using our understanding of commercial agriculture to bring the best tools, tips, and gardening tricks from the field into our customers’ homes. For more than a century we’ve developed and refined not only our expertise in farming methods, but our deep love and respect for all those who produce and grow food from the soil.

Why we continue to grow…ourselves.

We are dedicated to change how people buy and grow citrus. Our goal is for you to have a positive customer experience.

Whether you plan to put in an orchard full of fabulous fruit trees or just want a planter full of fresh, fragrant kitchen herbs you use for preparing dinner on any given weeknight, Yarden is ready to help you grow your own way.

During our many decades in agricultural farming, we came to believe that growing your own food should be something that anyone can do. That’s why we’ve expanded our existing offering of quality citrus trees, stone fruits, orchard fruits, and tropical fruits to berries, herbs, and everything in between.

If you’ve ever dreamed of growing your own food, we can help you turn your landscape into a foodscape, where deliciousness is as much a part of your surroundings as beauty.

Anyone can become a Gardener!

Part of our success as a commercial citrus nursery comes from knowing all the aspects that combine to make a great tree.

At Yarden, our mission is to provide you a simpler, smarter way to get growing.

Growing your own food is not only better for you – it’s better for the world around you. Our experts understand the role-small scale or personal agriculture plays in protecting the environment and local wildlife, as well as the benefits it provides on a personal level – that of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

No matter what your experience level or where you are in your gardening journey, we’ll help you become a more confident gardener. From the best plants to the right tools to expert advice every step of the way, we’re committed to doing everything we can to make it easy and rewarding for you to enjoy quality fruits and herbs, all freshly grown in your own Yarden.

To foster a more fulfilling, nourishing gardening journey for you, Yarden will:

  • Deliver quality edible plants right to your door
  • Offer proven, personalized growing advice tailored to your growing zone and the plants you choose
  • Provide ongoing tips and advice to help you take caring for your plants to the next level