EverPot™ Tree Dwarfing Kit – Large


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Anthracite 20 L $51.99 04/04
Bronze 20 L $51.99 04/04
Dove Grey 20 L $51.99 04/04
Fuscia 20 L $51.99 04/04
Terra di Sienna 20 L $51.99 04/04
Terracota 20 L $51.99 04/04

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Perfect for patio fruit trees! The EverPot™ Tree Dwarfing Kit combines the functionality of our 20 liter EverPot™ with the upscale looks of our Large Decorative Pot to create a system that will enable your tree to live happily in a pot on your patio, balcony, or indoors. The Dwarfing Kit will keep your fruit tree at a manageable size, while promoting vigorous fruit production. If you want to reduce the frequency of re-potting, keep your trees small, but still harvest delicious crops of fruit, then the EverPot™ Tree Dwarfing Kit is for you.

The Large Dwarfing Kit comes with a 6.5-gallon Decorative Pot (with a matching water-catching saucer) and a 20 liter EverPot™ . The EverPot™ fits perfectly inside the Decorative Pot, giving you the look and feel of a clay pot, but the with weather resistant-easy to move benefits of a high quality plastic pot.

If you purchase a tree in a 5 liter EverPot™, 1 gallon grower pot, or 3 gallon grower pot, repotting them into the Large Dwarfing Kit will give your tree plenty of room to grow for years to come. It will grow into a perfect patio sized tree. If you purchase a tree already in 20L EverPot™, it will fit perfectly in the 6.5 gallon decorative pot.

The Large Decorative Pots are made in Italy and reflect a high level of craftsmanship, superior material, and a smooth modern design. The Teiplast construction provides the strength and longevity of a strong plastic, but with the look of a solid cast material. Match your style by selecting from the colors Dove Grey, Terra di Siena, Terracotta, Anthracite, Bronze, Fuchsia, and Terracotta.

The EverPot™ Tree Dwarfing Kit is just what you need when you want to minimizing re-potting, control tree size, and grow thriving fruit trees that produce healthy crops.