Styling Plants for Your Home Office

Office Plants

Home offices can be bland, and even the best-designed home office can get boring after a while. With everyone spending more time working from home these days, it’s important to avoid having a home office that has a lifeless feel to it.

The best way to perk up your office and liven things up is to add plants to your office decor. Plants are proven to boost productivity and creativity as well as reduce stress. What office does not need that?

How do you decide which plants are right for your office? When shopping wholesale indoor plants, keep in mind the space you have available, how much light there is, and what would go best with your personal style and decor.

Tips for Plants in Your Home Office

If you have fallen in love with the plant trend and are already shopping wholesale plant accessories and reading every indoor plants blog you can find but don’t know exactly where to start, we are here for you!

Find out everything you need to know about keeping plants in your home office.

Consider Your Office Space

Take a good look around your home office and decide what type of plants you think will look best. You can really use anything from a small tree to a more fan-shaped plant to something super small and cute. It is all about finding what fits your office and your style.

You will want to be aware of how much space you have as well as the type and shape of space you need to fill. Also, consider whether the light you have is direct or indirect, as well as how bright it is.

Create Your Own Office Oasis

Now that you have your office ready, it is time to start adding your plants. While you can truly buy plants almost anywhere these days, it is better if you buy them from a business that specializes in plants as opposed to a grocery store that has a few plants for the sheer sake of offering product diversity. It is hard to tell how these plants have been cared for, and they almost never come with a guarantee.

One of the best ways to purchase new plants is to order indoor plants wholesale. You can even have the plants delivered to your door. If growing plants is new to you, try to choose low-maintenance indoor plants to make things easier.

Use All of Your Space

When you start decorating with your plants, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. You can use shelves or even create a new space by adding a stand for your plants. Don’t limit yourself to traditional spaces for plants, either.

You can always hang plants or try higher shelves for those that have vines that dangle. Don’t forget corners and your floor, because those can be great places to stash a plant or two, too. Also, remember, plants don’t have to be uniform; you can use lots of different sizes, shapes, and colors of plants.

Don’t Forget the Planters

When you were looking at plants, you may have also considered wholesale plant accessories, but did you think about the planters you will use? There is great variety in the type of planters and pots that you can choose for your plants.

Terracotta planters are some of the most common because the material works so well for growing plants, but there are tons of other options, too. Make sure you consider how well a pot is going to work for utilitarian purposes, not just the looks. Consider window planters too; just make sure the plants you want to put there get along well with each other.

Regular Plant Care

Healthy plants take time and care. The more attention you pay to your plants, the better they will grow and the more benefit you will get from having them. When you see your plants every day and pay attention to them, you will learn their needs, and you will notice when they grow or are unhealthy.

You will want to read up on your plants and learn about how to best care for them. For example, different plants need different amounts of sunlight and will need to be watered at different frequencies.

It is also important to turn or rotate your plants during heavy periods of growth, which usually occur during the spring and summer months. By turning the plant a little each day, you will help ensure even growth and that one side will not become starved for sunlight. In extreme cases, a plant will start to grow more towards one side in trying to reach sunlight.

You may also want to add plant food to your routine care depending on the type of plant that you settle on.

Office Plant Makeover

A boring or lifeless office is not good for your mood or your production. The best and easiest way to makeover your office and bring some life into it is by adding plants. Plants do not have to be wildly expensive or super hard to maintain. You can do things as simple as purchasing wholesale indoor plants and sticking with varieties considered hardy or easy to grow.

You can decorate with plants in a way that will work for you in your home office. Opt for many plants that need the same type of care, such as getting all clay plants or all low-maintenance indoor plants. You don’t have to be an expert in horticulture or a plant doctor to make this work. You just have to get a few plants and care for them.

Start Your Plant Makeover Today

Now that you are ready to get started making over your home office with plants, you don’t even need to leave home to do it! Order your indoor plants wholesale, and you can have plants delivered to your door.

Ready to breathe some new life into your home with some beautiful plants? Order from Yarden, and you can even have wholesale plant accessories shipped right alongside your plants today.