Pace Mamey Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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The Pace Mamey Sapote Tree is a rare Mamey Sapote Cultivar, and many say one of the most delicious. The Pace Mamey Fruit Tree is the result of crossing a Magana Mamey with a Tazumal Mamey. The result is a smaller (6 to 8 inch) fruit with orange-red flesh, sweet taste, and a slightly more cold-tolerant tree. Pace Mamey Sapotes ripen in the spring after the previous spring’s bloom. They can be grown in the ground in USDA Zones 9 to 11, and in pots in Zones 4 to 11. They are cold hardy down to 32ºF (as opposed to about 40ºF for other Mamey Sapote Varieties.)

The Pace Mamey grows to 45 feet tall and has an upright form and balanced spread to about 20 feet wide. The prolific blooms appear on the branches and mid-sized limbs and are pollinated by honey bees. Their long, pointed oval leaves are dark green, heavily ribbed, and emerge from the branch ends, giving the trees an ornamental look. Pace Mamey Trees like well drained soil and full sun. They are self-fertile so one tree will grow fruit. Plant a Pace Mamey Sapote Tree in your fruit garden and enjoy this rare tropical delicacy.

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Pace Mamey Tree Care

Pace Mamey Trees are long-lived, with some trees living for 100 years, so choose the planting spot accordingly. Plant in full sun, or a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun each day. The planting location must drain well since Mamey Trees will not survive standing water at their roots. To test soil drainage, dig a 1 foot deep, 1 foot wide hole and fill it with water. If the water does not fully drain within 1 hour, ammend the soil with coarse sand to increase drainage.

Pace Mamey Trees do not require pruning to bloom and make fruit, but they can be trimmed to keep them at managable sizes. Prunning Pace Mamey Sapote Trees is unlike pruning other fruit trees because the Mamey Fruits can take a year or more to ripen. If you need to prune your Pace Mamey Tree, do so after the mature fruits have been harvested in late spring or early summer.

Pace Mamey Fruit Harvesting

In USDA Zones 9 to 11 Pace Mamey Trees bloom in spring or summer. Mature trees can also bloom throughout the year. Once the trees bloom, the fruits slowly grow and mature until they begin to ripen in about a year. Once the Sapotes have been growing for at least 11 months, scratch the skin of one or two of the largest fruits. If the fruit is orange under the skin it is ready to pick. If it is green, wait another week and try again.

Harvest the mature Mamey Sapote and allow it to soften at room temperature in a dry location. When the fruit yields to a gentle squeeze wait for a day then slice the fruit open. Discard the inedible seed and scoop out the dense, custard-like flesh. Ripe Mamey is eaten fresh, made into milk shakes, added to salads, and used for desserts and blended drinks.


If you are in USDA Zones 4 to 9, or have limited space, you can grow a Pace Mamey Tree in a pot. Plant new trees in 3 to 5 gallon containers with rich potting soil that contains perlite. Choose a sturdy pot that has drainage holes. Place the Mamey Tree on a patio or deck in full sun, or in a bright, south-facing window if growing indoors. Bring outdoor potted Pace Sapote Trees into shelter, such as inside a garage or shed, when temperatures fall to 40ºF or below.

Repot the potted Pace Mamey Tree each spring to move up to a larger pot. Repeat each year until the tree is in a 15 gallon or larger container. Water potted Mamey Fruit trees when the soil surface is dry to 2 inches deep. Water the pot fully, twice, and let all water drain completely each time. Also, reduce the recommended fertilizer amounts by half when feeding a potted Pace Mamey Tree.


How big do Pace Mamey Trees get?

Pace Mamey Sapote Trees grow to 45 feet tall and 20 feet wide if in the ground under ideal conditions. Potted trees and trees grown in less than full sun will stay smaller.

Are Pace Mamey Trees cold hardy?

The Pace Mamey Cultivar is somewhat cold hardy (more so than other Mamey cultivars) and can survive down to 32ºF.

Can I grow a Pace Mamey Tree from a Seed?

Pace Mamey Sapote Seeds can be grown into trees but seedlings take about 7 years to grow fruit. Most grafted trees produce fruit in 2 to 3 years.

Can I grow a Pace Mamey Sapote Tree in a pot?

Yes, Pace Mamey Sapote Trees can be grown in large containers with holes for drainage.