Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 – 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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Want to enjoy one of the largest avocado varieties? Then Consider the massive Marcus Pumpkin Avocado and buy a large, fruit-producing tree today.

The Marcus Pumpkin is a rare non-GMO heirloom variety of delicious tasting avocados originated from Mexico, Central and South America, and the West Indies. It’s currently grown in Florida as one of the largest types of avocados, with a weight that can reach up to 3 lbs. Most people recognize it by its huge size and pumpkin-like shape. In fact, the seed can be as big as a Hass avocado.

Marcus Pumpkin Avocados, which have a high cold tolerance, are best suited to USDA Zones 9–11 and require full sun. These avocado trees are great shade trees, as they can reach up to 30 ft. tall and 30 ft. wide. They look majestic and can really enhance your garden once fully grown.

You can plant these trees at any time of the year. They need to be fertilized four times annually with a well-balanced avocado fertilizer. They bear fruit between October 15th and November 30th. The fruit tastes sweet, with a creamy texture and a lower oil content than more common types of avocados.

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Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Care

Marcus Pumpkin Avocado trees have a fair salt tolerance and require full sun. This is one of the reasons why Florida is such a great place to grow them.

Again, planted trees will grow at any time of the year. Because they’re so massive when mature, make sure to allow enough room for full growth and keep about 20 ft. away from buildings, power lines, and driveways to prevent them from interfering.

They need well-drained soil high in organic matter, with a pH of about 5–7. They also have to be watered every week both before and after full establishment for best fruit production. Ensure you fertilize four times a year with avocado fertilizer for the best results. Also, prune the tree regularly to prevent uneven branching and keep the trunk straight.

When growing Marcus Pumpkin Avocados, you want to watch out for Laurel wilt disease, lace bug, scales, caterpillars, and borers.

Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Fruit and Harvesting

Marcus Pumpkin Avocados do not fall from the trees when ready, nor do they ripen on them. You must harvest them first and then wait for them to mature before consuming them. The avocados are typically ready to consume between three days and two weeks after harvest. Just set them aside and wait for them to soften. When eating, beware; some parts of the fruit may be poisonous.

The Marcus Pumpkin avocado is part of the green variety. It’s known for its huge size and pumpkin-like shape, and it’s loved for its delicious taste. The seed is almost as big as a Hass avocado.

This fruit also has a thick skin that is hardly tearable and tastes very mild. It feels almost watery with an oil content that is below average compared to other varieties.

Marcus Pumpkin Avocados has a strong smell, and the inside has a bold yellow color with a softer, creamier texture and a sweet taste. Thanks to its sweet taste, you can enjoy it on its own like any other fruit or have it in salads or on toast.

Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Advice

Although it has a very high cold tolerance, ensure your Marcus Pumpkin Avocado plant stays exposed to sunlight. The trees require well-drained soil with a pH of about 5–7 and must be watered weekly until fully established. They have a moderate salt tolerance, so it’s not recommended to grow too close to the ocean, where it’s windy. Make sure to fertilize four times a year with any type of avocado fertilizer.

You also want to make sure to plant far away from power lines, buildings, and driveways to avoid any contact once fully grown. Once established, the fruit technically only needs to be watered in drought conditions, but watering it weekly will assure the best results. Do not consume fruit right after harvest. Wait until it has ripened to get the best of its sweet taste and creamy texture.

Even if you’re not interested in its delicious fruit, Marcus Pumpkin avocado trees are an excellent source of shade and a great aesthetic addition to your garden.


Do Marcus Pumpkin Avocados Taste the Same as Hass avocados?

Marcus Pumpkin Avocados taste sweeter than Hass avocados and have a creamier texture and a lower oil content.

Can I Grow Marcus Pumpkin Avocados on My Balcony?

The trees can grow 30 ft. tall and 30 ft. wide, so you need a large enough space. A balcony will most likely not be suited for it.

How Long Before the Avocados Can Be Harvested?

It takes about three to four years for a tree to be fully grown after it’s planted.

When Is Fruiting Season for the Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Tree?

The fruiting season for this tree is between October and November.