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How to Cut an Avocado

Learn how to cut avocado with this easy step-by-step guide. The creamy and nutty flesh can be sliced, diced, or mashed to add nutritional benefits to savory recipes and even desserts. Once you know how to cut an avocado, the culinary possibilities are endless. Mastering the technique to slice and dice an avocado is key… Read more »

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Avocado Toast Recipe (Plus Tips & Variations)

Avocado toast is the perfect quick and easy recipe – few ingredients, minimal prep, and it can serve as a snack or a full meal.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking avocado toast is boring!  Here are some tips to get the perfect avocado toast every time, along with some recipe variations that… Read more »


Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are a great way to get more fruits and veggies in your diet! Full of fiber and healthy fats, avocado makes this smoothie creamy and dreamy and thick, almost like a milkshake. The frozen banana adds a natural sweetness.  Ingredients: Directions:

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When to Trim an Avocado Tree

Have you been thinking you might like to buy an Avocado Tree? Avocado trees are subtropical tree that do best in a warm, semi-humid climate that experiences few and brief hard freezes. An Avocado Tree will only grow outdoors in USDA Growing Zones 8-11, but even then the territory has to be just right –… Read more »

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How to Plant & Grow an Avocado Tree

Are you a fan of avocados? If so, you’re not the only one – the Mexican fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable) has grown popular along with the popularity of Mexican cuisine. Apart from the ubiquitous guacamole, avocados are enjoyed in everything from salads to breakfast toast. And avocados aren’t just delicious… Read more »


Easy Guacamole Recipe

This is a fresh-tasting alternative to traditional guacamole. Spread this avocado treat on toasted whole grain pita wedges or corn tortillas for a light, refreshing lunchtime treat!  Ingredients:  Directions:

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Creamy Avocado Dressing Recipe

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients label on salad dressing, you may find yourself wondering what some of those unpronounceable ingredients are!  With this homemade, 6-ingredient avocado dressing, you can be sure that your salads will be tasty and healthy! Ingredients: Directions:

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What Type of Avocado Tree Should I Buy?

It may not look as appetizing as other popular fruits like oranges and pears, but the avocado fruit can hold a candle against any other superfruit when it comes to taste, nutrient content, and health benefits. Avocados, aptly called “alligator pears” because of their shape and rough green skin, contain more than twenty vitamins and… Read more »


Fried Avocado Recipe

Love avocado, but getting tired of guacamole? These crispy strips make an excellent appetizer at your next gathering! Flaky panko crumbs give them a satisfying crunch, while the spicy-lime mayo adds extra zing. The-salt-and pepper coating adds plenty of flavor, but you can also spice things up even further by adding chili powder or other… Read more »


Citrus Pesto Avocado Toast with Tomatoes Recipe

This nutritious, quick-and-easy snack is like summertime on toast! Mashed avocado is topped with zesty vegan pesto and thinly sliced tomatoes to take toast to a whole new level. Try it with sourdough toast, or whichever break you like best – even gluten-free! Ingredients: For the pesto: For the toast:  Directions: For the pesto: For… Read more »