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When to Trim an Avocado Tree

Have you been thinking you might like to buy an Avocado Tree? Avocado trees are subtropical tree that do best in a warm, semi-humid climate that experiences few and brief hard freezes. An Avocado Tree will only grow outdoors in USDA Growing Zones 8-11, but even then the territory has to be just right –… Read more »

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How to Plant & Grow an Avocado Tree

Are you a fan of avocados? If so, you’re not the only one – the Mexican fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable) has grown popular along with the popularity of Mexican cuisine. Apart from the ubiquitous guacamole, avocados are enjoyed in everything from salads to breakfast toast. And avocados aren’t just delicious… Read more »

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Is Calamondin (Calamansi) a Kumquat?

You’ve got a burning question: Is a calamondin (or calamansi) a kumquat?  Wonder no further, because we’ve got a definitive answer for you!  The answer is . . . kind of. Okay, so we fibbed a little about having a definitive answer.  A calamondin is actually a hybrid of a kumquat (and a mandarin orange,… Read more »

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All About Calamondin (Calamansi) Trees

Find out if a calamondin tree is right for your Yarden with this informative overview. Name: Calamondin vs. Calamansi This tree has many colloquial names, which can sometimes cause confusion.  In the United States, this tree and its fruit is typically called calamondin, which is an Americanized version of the Tagalog word, kalamunding. Calamansi, which… Read more »


Celebrate Grapefruit Month with a Grapefruit Tree

February is National Grapefruit Month. Grapefruits are a popular breakfast food that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. One large grapefruit can provide more than 100% of the daily value of vitamin C! Celebrate by treating yourself to one of Yarden’s grapefruit tree varieties to reap these healthy benefits.  Grapefruit trees can be easy… Read more »

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Growing Apples & Pears Trees Together

Ever wish you could grow your own fruit tree? We hear you – at Yarden, we love growing our own food, and we’re especially fond of fruit trees. Growing fruit trees has so many advantages…for one thing, there’s nothing that beats the thrill of plucking a ripened fruit off a tree in your own backyard… Read more »

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Everything You Need to Know About Arbequina Olive Trees

If the bland, black discs dotting your pizza and the jarred, pre-stuffed green morsels make up the whole of your experience with olives, you’re missing out. But fresh olives can be hard to find in local grocery stores. A staple of Mediterranean cuisine for centuries, olives have long been added to a variety of dishes… Read more »


How to Care for Apple and Pear Trees so They Produce More Fruit

Whether you want to properly care for a newly planted fruit tree so it provides lots of fruit, need help with planning what kind of fruit to get and where to plant it so it produces, or want to help existing fruit trees that have fallen off in fruit production, these tips can help you.


How to Grow and Care for a Mango Tree

Mangos are a sweet and delicious tropical stone fruit that was uncommon in North America due to the difficulty in importing it, but nowadays new varieties of mango trees are grown in the southern United States, making the summer fruit much more accessible. Mangifera Indica originated in the tropical climate of southeast Asia, but if… Read more »

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What Type of Avocado Tree Should I Buy?

It may not look as appetizing as other popular fruits like oranges and pears, but the avocado fruit can hold a candle against any other superfruit when it comes to taste, nutrient content, and health benefits. Avocados, aptly called “alligator pears” because of their shape and rough green skin, contain more than twenty vitamins and… Read more »

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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Lemon Trees?

If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’re probably used to throwing out your coffee grounds after you use them. However, consider putting those coffee grounds to use by turning them into fertilizer for your plants. Keep your used coffee grounds from ending up as trash and use them to help grow healthy and strong plants,… Read more »

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Tips for Balcony Gardening

When it comes to growing plants on a balcony or terrace, even experienced gardeners can face a challenge. But don’t let that discourage you, it’s also an opportunity to get creative and have some fun. Whether you want to create an urban vegetable garden or a tropical paradise, the possibilities are endless . Of course,… Read more »