Fuyu Persimmon Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 8 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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The Fuyu Persimmon is a popular variety, accounting for roughly eighty percent of all commercially grown persimmons worldwide. Mature Fuyu Persimmons are considered medium to large, and are about the size of a large apple. Fuyu Persimmons have gained a dedicated following among fruit lovers because they are sweet and ready to eat right off the tree. There is no need to store each fruit and wait for the astringency to fade. In addition to the sweet taste and quick ripening, Fuyu Persimmons can be stored for months once picked.

Fuyu Persimmon Trees are more cold-hardy than many fruit trees, and can thrive in USDA Zones 7 to 11. If garden space is limited, Fuyu Persimmons Trees can also be grown in a suitable container on a patio or deck. Our Fuyu Persimmon Trees are cultivated by grafting the established branches of a proven specimen to vigorous rootstocks to give you a reliable, fast growing producer that can grow fruit in the first year.

Persimmon Tree Care

In USDA Growing Zones 7 to 11 you can plant your Fuyu Persimmon Tree in the ground. Fuyu Persimmon Trees are tolerant of a wide range of soil types and conditions. They prefer full to partial sun, and do best in a location protected from high winds. Fuyu Persimmon Trees reach a mature size of up to 15 feet high, and 12 feet wide, so be sure to allow plenty of room on all sides for the tree to expand as it grows.

Fuyu Persimmon Trees are naturally resistant to many pests and diseases. They can also tolerate dry conditions and even drought. They are self-pollinating, so they can produce fruit as a solitary tree. However, yields can be greatly increased when a second persimmon is grown nearby.

Fruit & Harvesting

Fuyu Persimmons bloom in spring, and the fruit is ready to harvest from September through October. Mature fruit will usually begin to ripen on the tree in mid-September, and can remain on the tree through the year’s end. A mature, healthy Fuyu Persimmon Tree can produce as much as three hundred pounds of persimmons each year.

Fuyu Persimmons can be picked once the fruit is fully rounded, and has turned a deep orange color. Use hand prunners to cut the fruit from the stem and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Fuyu Persimmons are still hard even when ripe, and since they are non-astringent, they can be eaten right away. Stored fruit will become softer, but the yellow to light orange flesh will remain tasty for as long as three months.

Growing Zones


Fuyu Persimmon Trees are easy to maintain. Plant them in a protected location and do not over water them. Over watering can cause the trees to develop a shallow root system, and compromise the tree’s stability. Plant in early spring and water your newly planted tree once per week for the first few months until new growth appears. Once new leaves and stems begin to appear, reduce watering to once or twice per month, especially in climates that receive periodic rainfall.

When temperatures drop and days shorten in winter, it is normal for the Fuyu Persimmon Tree to shed its leaves. Often the trees will retain many bright orange fruit on the branches, long after all leaves have fallen. This makes a striking winter specimen in any garden or front yard.


Should I prune my Fuyu Persimmon Tree?

Fuyu Persimmon Trees benefit from pruning because they have somewhat brittle wood and heavy crops. Prune once per year in late winter after fruit is harvested.

Can you grow a Fuyu Persimmon Tree from a seed?

While you can grow a persimmon tree from seed, the resulting fruit may be far inferior to the parent tree, and fruiting can take as long as 8 years or more. Grafted trees produce known quality on trees that can bloom in fewer than 2 years

Are Fuyu Persimmon Trees cold-hardy?

Yes. Fuyu Persimmon Trees can tolerate temperatures in the freezing range, and can even survive locations that experience snow. The ideal location for growing a Persimmon Tree is USDA Growing Zones 7 to 11.

How long will a picked Fuyu Persimmon last?

A harvested Fuyu Persimmon can last in cool, dark storage for up to three months or more.