With its brilliant, sunshine-colored fruit standing out against its shiny, dark green leaves, fragrant lemon tree flowers, and a silhouette that’s sheer fruit poetry, a standard or dwarf lemon tree are great choices for your garden. If you’re wondering the best time to plant lemon tree seedlings, you’ve come to the right place. 

What’s the Best Season to Plant a Lemon Tree?

If you’re looking to grow lemons in your garden, you probably want to know: When is the best time to plant a lemon tree? The best time to plant a lemon tree is in the springtime. In the spring, the cold weather has passed and it’s not too hot, making it the perfect lemon tree planting season. 

Once you’ve planted your lemon tree, sit back and give it plenty of time to grow. Lemon trees are easy to grow – even if you don’t live in a lemon tree growing zone! 

No matter the variety of lemon tree you wind up going with, you’re going to love the bounty it will provide you. So get growing on your lemon tree!