Repotting 101

Pro Tip: Plants need to be repotted every 12-18 months depending on their rate of growth. During the spring or growing season, is the best time to re-pot your houseplants!

Signs it’s time to REPOT:

  • Roots are growing out of the bottom of the pot
  • plant is growing slower than normal
  • Plant is top heavy, or leaning towards one side.
  • plant dries out more quickly with frequent watering
  • salt and mineral build up on the pot

How to Repot:

  1. Remove plant from the old pot – turn your plant sideways and hold it CAREFULLY by the stems or leaves and pull the plant out.
  2. Loosen Roots- Be careful when you do this, as your plant may go into shock.
  3. Remove old potting mix- take out about one third of the of soil and add fresh soil.
  4. Add the plant back in– make sure there is soil at the bottom of the plant.
  5. Water and enjoy! ( a freshly repotted plant with new soil does not need fertilizing)