Lemon Icing Glaze

If you love lemon flavor, this bright and silky glaze is for you. Try it over pound cake, blueberry scones, sweetbreads, cakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, or any baked treat where you’d like to add some zing! This recipe takes advantage of the whole lemon by using both the zest and juice to intensify the citrusy… Read more »

benefits of indoor plants

Shocking Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplants have stealthily infiltrated many of our homes, occupying every nook and cranny with their lush, green presence. But did you know these unassuming leafy companions hold an array of astounding benefits? From purifying the air and boosting productivity to reducing stress and even enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, indoor plants are more… Read more »

lemon tree

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Lemon Trees?

If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’re probably used to throwing out your coffee grounds after you use them. However, consider putting those coffee grounds to use by turning them into fertilizer for your plants. Keep your used coffee grounds from ending up as trash and use them to help grow healthy and strong plants,… Read more »

apple pear tree

Do Older Or Younger Trees Produce Better Fruit?

Everything ages, including fruit trees and plants. But as fruit trees age, what does that mean for the fruit they produce? Young fruit trees will likely not produce any harvest for a few years, and once they start, it can take another couple of years before you see a bountiful supply. The middle years of… Read more »

chill weather lemon tree

What Are Chill Hours for Fruit Trees?

Before planting an orchard full of citrus fruit trees, or other fruiting trees, one of the most important things to consider is if the plant will do well in your climate. You’ll want to be sure of two things for best results with fruit or nut trees. The first is that you live within the… Read more »

citrus trees and flowers

Can Flowering Plants and Citrus Fruit Trees Grow Together?

Deciding what to plant in your garden for spring can be half the battle. Planting fruit-bearing trees and bushes can guarantee you’ll have fresh produce throughout the summer months. But sometimes, you’re aiming for beauty, and having an orchard that’s filled with blooming flowers can be the perfect addition to your yard. So before planning… Read more »

planting citrus tree

When Should You Plant Your Citrus Tree?

Growing your own citrus is a great way to ensure you have fresh fruit at home. Lemons, limes, and oranges are used in many recipes, from cooking to baking and even cocktails. But there’s more to growing citrus trees than just planting them in the ground. Having a solid understanding of what conditions the plant… Read more »

balcony gardening

Tips for Balcony Gardening

When it comes to growing plants on a balcony or terrace, even experienced gardeners can face a challenge. But don’t let that discourage you, it’s also an opportunity to get creative and have some fun. Whether you want to create an urban vegetable garden or a tropical paradise, the possibilities are endless . Of course,… Read more »


10 Houseplants That Will Add Some Luck To Your Life

Need a little extra luck to help you get by? Some people swear by superstitions, others by horseshoes. We think that some plants are extremely lucky and can bring some extra fortune and prosperity into our lives! Most of these plants are quite low-maintenance, and can add some color and brightness to your home while… Read more »


Plant Care Tips to Help you Become the Best Plant Parent

Choose Plants Based on What Kind of Lighting you have Lighting is a super important thing to think about when deciding what plant you want. You don’t want to underexpose or overexpose your plant to sunlight. Check what direction your windows are facing.  South facing – Bright Light East/ West Facing – Moderate Light North… Read more »

Office Plants

Styling Plants for Your Home Office

Home offices can be bland, and even the best-designed home office can get boring after a while. With everyone spending more time working from home these days, it’s important to avoid having a home office that has a lifeless feel to it. The best way to perk up your office and liven things up is… Read more »


Top 10 Plants For Removing Toxins From Your Home

Not only can houseplants help create a relaxing and happy space by beautifying your home, but they can also improve the air quality! According to an EPA study from the Office of Research and Development, the concentration of roughly a dozen common organic pollutants is 2-5 higher indoors than outdoors. With all of us spending… Read more »