Dwarf Fruit Trees That Are Perfect For Smaller Yards

Not everyone has a large property waiting to be filled with plants, but a smaller plot of land doesn’t mean you can’t grow fruit trees. Modern horticulture and gardening techniques have allowed for the innovation of dwarf fruit trees. These miniature cultivars of your favorite fruit trees are the perfect option for someone who may not have much space but still wants to enjoy fresh fruit right at home.

These dwarf fruit trees listed here will be the perfect addition to your smaller yard, and they can be grown in pots. Another bonus of many of these dwarf fruit trees is that they are self-fertile, so you don’t need more than one of each variety. Just be sure to plant them or place pots in a spot with plenty of sunshine and good drainage, and you’ll have fresh fruit in no time.

Dwarf Lemon Trees

This variety of dwarf citrus trees is actually one of the best citrus plants for smaller spaces. There are three main varieties of dwarf lemon trees that you’ll find in backyards. These varieties will grow between 8-10 ft as compared to the 20 ft height of traditional lemon trees. Harvesting doesn’t have a set season, and you may be able to harvest year-round depending on your growing zone.

The dwarf improved Meyer lemon is a popular variety, and it produces a rounder fruit as it’s an orangey hybrid with a sweet and tart taste. They also have a very fragrant flower while blooming. This is also considered the easiest dwarf citrus tree to grow as it’s self-pollinating and can be grown in any 5-gallon container.

Dwarf lemon Eureka trees are another popular variety that looks and tastes similar to those at any grocery store. The final main variety of dwarf lemon trees is the Lisbon which is comparable to the Eureka variety, but the fruit is odd in shape and contains more juice.

Dwarf Orange Trees

Another great option for backyard growing, dwarf orange trees come in wide varieties that are perfect for smaller spaces and climates. The best part about orange trees is that you can leave the fruit on the tree for up to 3 months, and it will only continue to ripen. So if you live in cooler Northern areas, you can just move potted oranges inside, and they’ll continue to blossom and produce. However, they are best suited for warmer climates.

The dwarf Calamondin is an excellent option for potted growing for a few reasons. First, it can be moved indoors, making it a viable option for any growing zone. Like the dwarf Meyer lemon tree, this plant is self-pollinating, so you’ll only need one. Expect growth to reach 8-10 ft and fragrant white blossoms in the spring. However, the fruit from this variety is not as sweet and is typically a better option for baking and cooking.

For a more flavorful and traditional orange, you can pick out dwarf varieties of Washington Navel or Campbell Valencia, which will be more reminiscent of classic orange flavor. The dwarf Trovita orange is one variety that produces a lovely and bold flavor and also tolerates an extensive range of climates.

Dwarf Apple Trees

Another popular option for backyard fruit growing is dwarf apple tree varieties. Fresh apples are great for snacking and baking, and there are tons of options perfect for smaller areas.

The Cameron Select is one of the most famous dwarf apple tree varieties and stems from the Honeycrisp apple variety. That makes this fruit sweet, tart, and crisp, with beautiful blossoms in the spring. Home gardeners can also rejoice in the fact that this dwarf apple tree variety is also resistant to fire blight, which is often the reason many apple trees fail.

This apple tree variety will reach a total height between 8-10 ft and require another apple tree of a different type to pollinate. The fruit will be ripe by mid-September.

Dwarf Peach Trees

Peaches are another favorite fruit for baking and snacking, especially in the summer. Nothing is better than picking a fresh juicy peach right off the tree, and dwarf peach trees give everyone that opportunity.

Belle of Georgia is the name of the most famous dwarf peach tree, and it does well in almost any growing zone and will still produce fruit. These dwarf trees offer heavy yields of sweet white fruit that slowly turns into a blush color when ripe. These trees are self-pollinating and reach between 8-10 ft.

Tangerine Trees

Tangerines are another popular citrus fruit that can be grown in nearly any size yard or area that has good sunlight. Tangerine is a great option when you want a sweet and juicy fruit with that classic citrus flavor.

Tangerine trees will typically grow to 25 ft but can be kept trimmed back to 10 ft and will still produce sweet fruit. They’re also typically self-pollinating, but be sure to check with the tree vendor when you make the initial purchase.

Elevate Your Backyard With Dwarf Fruit Trees

It’s clear to see you don’t need a ton of space to grow all your favorite fruits with dwarf citrus trees and other dwarf tree varieties. You just need to give these plants lots of sunshine, good drainage, and soil and keep them free of pests, and you’ll be rewarded with fresh fruit each season that the whole family can enjoy. Looking for a dwarf orange tree for sale or maybe a dwarf lemon tree for sale?

When you’re ready to buy, Yarden offers everything you need to elevate your backyard. They have plenty of dwarf citrus for sale that will fit into whatever space you have and help you build the backyard of your dreams. These will be easier to care for and still produce the same sweet and juicy fruit you’d buy at the grocery store.

Dwarf fruit trees are perfect for smaller yards, and growing your own food has never been easier than with these varieties.