Can Grapefruit trees grow in pots?

The Grapefruit tree is an evergreen citrus tree of the Rutaceae family and a hybrid of shaddock which originated in Barbados. Coming from the genus citrus, it can be expected that all types of Grapefruit trees would require lots of sunlight and a temperate climate. The big question is, “Can I buy a Grapefruit tree and grow it in a pot?”

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Growing Grapefruit

Dwarf grapefruit trees can be grown in pots. Buying Grapefruit trees for sale is easy, but growing them to maturity can be a bit tricky for a rookie home grower. Don’t lose heart though. Growing a sweet Grapefruit tree can be tricky but not impossible if you know how to provide it with ideal growing conditions. Also keep in mind that a standard Ruby Red Grapefruit tree size is 15 to 20 feet high upon reaching maturity, while a dwarf Grapefruit tree can grow to up to 12 feet in height when planted directly into the ground, or smaller when planted in a container, so you have to prepare the area where you will plant it before purchasing a Ruby Red Grapefruit tree for sale or a dwarf Ruby Red Grapefruit tree for sale.

  • Sunlight – being classified as a tropical plant, warm, temperate climates and full sun are needed to grow any standard or dwarf Grapefruit tree. All Grapefruit trees be they white or red Grapefruit trees, even pink Grapefruit trees, are best suited for growing in the ground in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 and up. You can also plant these vigorous growing trees in zones 7 to 8 but it would require additional extra care.
  • Soil – both standard and dwarf Grapefruit trees flourish in well-draining, loamy soil. Avoid planting your trees, especially the Ruby Red Grapefruit trees, in soil that is clay laden or high in salinity as these types of soil can inhibit the growth of citrus trees.
  • Water – after planting either a dwarf Rio Red Grapefruit tree or a dwarf Ruby Red Grapefruit tree in a pot, deeply-water it every 3 to 4 days for the first few weeks. When watering, let the water flush through the pot, then allow the soil to fully drain. Before watering it again, make sure that the soil is dry or you may overwater the tree. You may use an inexpensive moisture meter to make sure you do not overwater the tree. Keep in mind that too much water or moisture could damage the roots of your Rio Red Grapefruit tree. You then transition the deep-watering technique to once a week, except for the dry season when more water may be needed.  
  • Fertilizer – to maintain the beauty and ensure the healthy growth cycle of your Ruby Grapefruit tree, use a fertilizer. Start with a total of one-third cup of 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate fertilizer in the first year after planting. Split the total amount of fertilizer into 2 equal separate feedings. Do the fist feeding when you start noticing new growth and follow it up in August. Make sure to broadcast the fertilizer from the trunk to the edge of the canopy of Rio Red Grapefruit trees then water it well.
  • Pruning – clean, sharp pruning tools must be used to cut out any growth below the bud union of the dwarf Grapefruit tree for sale you bought throughout the year. Only prune damaged or dead wood in spring to prevent new growth from emerging during winter as new growth may only be damaged by frost. Prune your Grapefruit trees only when necessary, as over-pruning will impede the tree’s development.

Now that you know the basics, go ahead and get the Rio Red Grapefruit tree for sale or the dwarf Grapefruit tree for sale you have been eyeing and start growing it at home.