29 Attractive Indoor Plants You Probably Did Not Know About

We curated a list of some of the most bold and beautiful houseplants you can grow indoors, all of these plants are truly extraordinary and can liven up any living space!

1. Nerve Plant

– Although it is not easy to take care of, this indoor plant stands out with its bold foliage. It is fussy in terms of its watering routine and does not like overly dry air and cold air drafts. Make sure to maintain a balance while watering the plant.

2. Calathea

– This beautiful plant comes in many varieties which have different colors and patterns. It can tolerate low light and prefers to be kept in warm room temperatures and a humid environment, owing to its tropical origins.

3. Croton

– This vivid and full indoor plant is rather easy-going as well. The yellow, orange and reddish patterns on its dark green leaves lend it a beautiful and striking appearance. It should be placed in a spot with bright, indirect light and should be watered occasionally. 

4. Silver Vase Plant

– This distinctive but good-looking indoor plant, also known as an “urn plant” is part of the bromeliad family. It does not have any special requirements – it should be grown in bright indirect light and occasionally watered.

5. Pencil Cactus

– Getting its name from its thin, long stalks – this distinctive plant is infamous because of its toxic milk-like sap. Make sure to handle it carefully. This plant requires medium to high light, and does not need much water or humidity. Watering it 2-3 times a month is more than enough. Simply keep it in a spot with plenty of light, and let it receive at least some direct sunlight for a few hours a day.

6. Aluminium Plant

– Known for its silver, aluminum-colored patterns on the foliage, the Aluminum Plant is a gorgeous indoor plant known for its no-fuss nature. To help it thrive, keep it in spot with plenty of shade that receives only a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight a day. Make sure to water it only when the soil is dry. 

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

– This list would be incomplete without a special mention of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This tall indoor plant stands out with its shiny, leather-like foliage and can really stand out as a statement piece in any room.

8. Red Aglaonema

– The red and pink patterns on the dark green foliage help enhance the beautiful Red Aglaonema’s appearance. It is easy to take care of, and can tolerate unsuitable conditions like low light and drought.

9. African Mask Plant

– With its dark green foliage and whitish-silver patterned veins – one may easily think this plant is artificial! Make sure to keep it in a bright spot, but away from direct sunlight, and water it regularly. This plant’s leaves need to be cleaned with a damp cloth every few days to keep it looking beautiful and stay healthy.

10. Anthurium

– These gorgeous indoor plants produce flowers in various tones of white, pinkish red or lavender. With their colorful appearance, long-lived nature and low maintenance needs – these plants are perfect for those with busy schedules. Its foliage is more voluminous if the plant is kept in low light so try to keep it in a spot that receives indirect sunlight through the day. 

11. Bird’s Nest Fern

– Originally from SE Asia, the bird’s nest fern thrives if grown in the right conditions – due to its origins, it prefers warm temperatures and high humidity. Keep it in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight and temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to provide it with the optimal conditions for growth!

12. Adenium

– Do you live in a warm place and have a south or west facing window in any room in your house? Then the Adenium is the perfect plant for you to grow. It is a no-fuss plant, except for its light requirements, and blooms throughout the years in locations without frost. 

13. Prayer Plant

– With its gorgeous patterned leaves and low maintenance nature, this striking houseplant can liven up any home. It needs bright light, regular watering, and warm temperatures when grown indoors. This plant folds up its leaves at night and displays their bold undersides – hence giving it its name.

14. Ti Plant

– With its purple leaves covered in bright lines of pink, the Ti Plant is definitely eye-catching. This plant grows well all year round, and is drought-tolerant. Although it requires a lot of light, if it is being grown indoors it should be kept somewhere where it can be exposed to both direct and indirect sunlight.

15. Fiber Optic Grass

– The Fiber Optic Grass, named after its fiber optic cable-like appearance, is a native of the tropics. It grows best in subtropical or tropical-like outdoor areas covered in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9-11. It is one of the most popular varieties of ornamental grass, and should be placed in a spot receiving bright light, with slightly moist soil and warm temperatures. 

16. Ponytail Palm

– This unusual-looking succulent is very popular due to its bold appearance and no-fuss nature. It does not need much water and grows rather slowly so you don’t need to repot it often.

17. Oxalis

– Known for its bold dark purple leaves and pinkish white flowers, the Oxalis can definitely be a statement piece on your desk or side table. It likes medium to bright sunlight and grows well if placed in consistently moist soil.

18. Rex Begonia

– Rex Begonias are the most striking Begonias, hands-down! These flamboyant indoor plants are great for adding some flair to your living space. Keep your Rex Begonia in a bright spot that receives plenty of shade, make sure its soil is well-drained and take care that you don’t overwater it. 

19. Poinsettia

– Poinsettias are so closely associated with holiday decorations at this point, that we cannot think about these plants without remembering those! This indoor plant looks beautiful both with and without blooms because of its vibrant leaves. To truly flourish, this plant needs to be placed in a bright location where it receives a couple of hours of morning sunlight and indirect light for the rest of the day. Make sure to keep it away from any drafts, and water only when the soil is dry.

20. Monstera Deliciosa

– Also known as a split leaf philodendron or Swiss Cheese Plant, due to the large holes in its leaves, the Monstera Deliciosa is a large indoor plant that can add a bold touch to your interiors. Although it can survive in low light, you should keep it near a window where it will receive indirect sunlight throughout the day.

21. Streptocarpus

– Also known as the Cape Primrose, the Streptocarpus is a close relative of the African Violets. It does best in spots with indirect or filtered sunlight, and consistently moist soil. Its dark green, smooth leaves and vivid flowers give it a beautiful appearance, and make it ideal for adding some color to a plain space.

22. Schefflera (Umbrella Tree)

– Looking for a tall plant to improve the ambiance in your home? You can’t go wrong with the Schefflera! Although it is a bit fussy in terms of its light requirements, it does not like direct sunlight or low light, it is easy to take care of in other aspects. It needs moderate watering and should get proper air circulation. Place it near a window so it can receive indirect sunlight throughout the day.

23. String of Pearls

– This succulent plant is rather no-fuss and looks beautiful with its trailing pearl-like leaflets, hence the name. It is drought-resistant so doesn’t need to be watered very regularly – once every alternate week is enough to meet its needs.

24. Brazilian Fireworks

– This beautiful tropical plant can be grown indoors or in warm shaded spots outdoors in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9-11. Whether or not it is flowering, the Brazilian Fireworks plant looks great all year-round. Although it is fussy in terms of its care requirements it does best when placed in bright, indirect light and is watered infrequently.

25. Peace Lily

– This beautiful, no-fuss plant stands out with its vivid white flower and broad green leaves. Peace Lily plants do best in a shady spot and don’t need much light – this plant is also renowned for its air purifying properties which makes it great for placing indoors and improving the health of your household.

26. Pleomele (Song of India)

– Dracaena Reflexa, also known as Pleomele or Song of India, is native to the islands of the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. It is one of the more ornamental dracaenas and is easy to take care of. The vivid leaves are solid green in the center with yellowish-lime green on the fringes. As it grow slowly, it should ideally be placed on tabletops and plant stands.

27. Crown of Thorns

– This close relative of the Poinsettia can thrive even if ignored – as long as you keep it in a bright spot and keep its soil a bit dry it will do well. Its striking flowers and hefty gray-green leaves have led many to appreciate its appearance and it has become a popular choice for indoor plant owners. 

28. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)

– With its height, thick bundled stems, and large and shiny leaves – the Money Tree is an ideal low-maintenance tall houseplant. If you are looking for an alternative option for the Fiddle Leaf Fig or just want a tall, striking houseplant to make a statement piece – don’t hesitate to pick up this plant!

29. African Violet

– These no-fuss, flowering indoor plants are popular due to their beautiful mauve flowers. There are various varieties – from plants with white-fringed flowers to those with variegated foliage – for you to pick from!