12 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants That Even Non-Green Thumbs Can Take Care Of!

Growing plants indoors can be as fulfilling as having a garden!

Indoor plants are super beneficial in so many ways – they can liven up the décor in your home, purify the air, and help boost your mood! If you’ve never kept plants before you may be worried that they could die off, but don’t stress! We’ve curated a list of the easiest no-fuss indoor plants that anyone can take care of!

1. Aloe

Reasons for Buying: This popular succulent, renowned for its medicinal attributes, can make a big impression in your home. Some varieties can grow up to 3 feet high while others, like the much sought-after aloe vera, thrive in small, well-lit locations.

Plant Care: It prefers temperatures around 70 degrees and likes plenty of light. Like other succulents, it does well in dry soil so should not be watered too frequently.

 2. Jade Plant

Reasons for Buying: If you like succulents, for their appearance and low-maintenance nature, then a jade plant may be a good choice for you! Its rich, luxuriant foliage and visually appealing offshoots. It is a slow-growing, long-lived plant that looks great in beautiful pots alongside other succulents.

Plant Care: These plants don’t need much water and they should be kept moderately dry. It does well in bright sunlight and standard room temperatures.

3. Dieffenbachia

Reasons for Buying: This gorgeous plant’s leaves can grow up to 1 foot long, they add a tropical touch to any living space’s décor. It can grow up to 6 feet tall and become the centrepiece of any room.

Plant Care: It does best in normal room temperatures, do not let the temperatures drop below 64-65 degrees and keep its soil consistently moist. It grows best in low to medium light. Buy Here

4. Peace Lily

Reasons for Buying: This beautiful indoor plant, due to its pretty white flowers and dark green leaves, is a very popular choice for many plant owners.

Plant Care: The Peace Lily is rather easy to take care of – its does well in low humidity and low light, making it great for rooms with less windows. This plant likes moist soil and tolerate temperatures up to 85 degrees. Buy Here

5. Rubber Tree

Reasons for Buying: This no-fuss houseplant with its glossy, dark green leaves can grow to almost 8 feet tall and stand outs as a statement piece in any room! If you would like your plant to be smaller, you can prune into a shrub-like shape by cutting off longer stems.

Plant Care: Let the soil’s surface dry out before watering it again. This plant can flourish in lighting conditions ranging from medium to bright, and room temperatures between 60-80 degrees. Buy Here

6. Ficus Plant

Reasons for Buying: This indoor plant and its glossy leaves can add joy and gaiety to any living space! Its stems can also be braided together to form different artistic shapes.

Plant Care: It grows best in full sunlight, but needs bright, filtered light at a minimum. Most varieties (there are almost 800) like their soil to be dry for a few days before being watered again. Ficus plants do best between 65-75 degrees. 

7. Snake Plant

Reasons for Buying: The Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, is a popular choice due to its low-maintenance nature and eye-catching appearance. Its leaves stand out with their variegated patterns and yellow or white fringes. Sometimes, it blooms and produces white flowers – however this is quite rare.

Plant Care: These plants can grow in different lighting situations. They prefer dry air and average room temperatures. Let the soil’s surface dry out before watering again. Buy Here

8. Peperomia

Reasons for Buying: This family of small indoor plants with glossy and vibrant leaves. Some popular and beautiful variants are watermelon, rainbow, golden gate and red-edged peperomias.

Plant Care: These plants like indoor temperatures between 60-75 degrees and low to medium lighting. Let the soil’s surface dry out before watering again. Buy Here

9. Heartleaf Philodendron

Reasons for Buying: This trailing plant looks great placed on high ledges, mantles or shelves. Its pretty dark green leaves are heart-shaped (hence the name) and really help the plant stand out.

Plant Care: This is a true no-fuss, versatile indoor plant. It can tolerate a variety of lighting conditions (from low to bright) but does best in indirect light. Average room temperatures are just fine for this plant; let the top layer of the soil dry out before watering again and ensure it is not soggy. Buy Here 

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Reasons for Buying: This gorgeous indoor tree (a member of the ficus family) has green foliage which resembles the shape of a violin or fiddle – hence the plant’s name!

Plant Care: It prefers temperatures between 65-75 degrees, and likes to be kept in medium to bright light. Let the soil dry out a bit before watering it again. If your plant is looking slightly pale, move it a dimmer spot. Buy Here

11. Areca Palm

Reasons for Buying: Want to add a tropical vibe to your home? Then this indoor palm is perfect for you! You can decide if you want it to grow tall (up to 7 feet) or keep it compact – make sure to plant it in a pot accordingly.

Plant Care: It does best in indirect sunlight and with slightly dry soil – water it every alternate week for best results.

12. Shamrock Plant

Reasons for Buying: This vibrant indoor plant looks rather eye-catching with its light green leaves (they look like shamrocks and give the plant its name) and vivid white flowers.

Plant Care: It does best in bright indirect or filtered sunlight and with slightly dry soil – water it once every week for best results.  

If you have children or pets make sure to check if the plant is safe and non-toxic before buying, here is a great list of plant care guides for you to check this information.