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How to Eat a Kumquat

Eating a kumquat is as easy as eating a grape – there’s no peeling necessary; you just pop this bite-sized citrus fruit into your mouth peel and all and enjoy the burst of sweet-tart flavor over your tongue! In contrast with other citrus fruits, the peel of the kumquat is sweet and edible, while the juicy… Read more »

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Health Benefits of Kumquats

A kumquat isn’t much bigger than a grape, yet this bite-sized fruit fills your mouth with a big burst of sweet-tart citrus flavor. What’s a kumquat? Originally grown in China, the word “kumquat” means “golden orange” in Cantonese. Considerably smaller than an orange, however, the kumquat’s not much bigger than a grape, but don’t let… Read more »

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Do Lemon Trees Grow in Winter?

What’s more delightful than a lemon tree? With fragrant dark green leaves, delicate blossoms and brilliant yellow fruits, a lemon tree on your patio or in your sunroom makes an excellent addition to your garden – and that’s not even taking into account the fruit that adds zest and brightness to many a dish or drink!… Read more »

Meyer lemons

Are Meyer Lemon Trees Toxic to Animals?

Q: What sweet-tart fruit isn’t often seen in grocery stores, but is a favorite of many chefs (and would-be chefs)? A: The Meyer lemon! What is a Meyer lemon, you ask? Meyer lemons get their name from Frank Meyer, a Department of Agriculture employee who collected a sample of the fruit while traveling and brought it to… Read more »

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When is Rio Red Grapefruit in Season?

When people see grapefruit, weight loss might be the first thing that comes to mind. But don’t let the so-called “grapefruit diet” with all its negative connotations turn you off trying this super food! If you’ve never tried Rio Red Grapefruit, you’re in for a treat: the taste is entirely different from the acidic, bitter… Read more »

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What is a Limequat?

What do you get when you cross a juicy, tart key lime with a cold-hardy, sweet-peel kumquat fruit? You get a limequat:  a delicious, fragrant and cold-hardy citrus fruit with an edible peel! Versatile little limequats are also desirable for their juiciness, and have a sweeter, more orange-like taste than key limes. Like their parent… Read more »

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Are Cocktail Trees Good Gifts?

Some feel flowers fit every occasion, but we think you might want to consider sending your loved one a tree – specifically, a cocktail tree! What’s a Cocktail Plant? A fruit cocktail tree or cocktail plant is a tree that bears several related fruits. A dwarf fruit cocktail can be kept in a container, which makes it… Read more »

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Do Kumquats Taste Sour?

Small in size but big on flavor, kumquat fruit are a healthy, tasty addition to your diet. To a novice, at first glance it might be mistaken for a tangerine-colored grape tomato. It’s got a funny name. When people eat it, they consume the whole thing – skin and all. As for the flavor…well, to paraphrase… Read more »

glen-navel orange tree

Does Citrus Keep Bugs Away?

Citrus is a genus of flowering trees and shrubs that belong to the Rutaceae family. Fruits in this genus include orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangelo, pomelo, and more. D-Limonene D-limonene is a compound found in oranges and lemons that can be found in its peel and zest.  It is an effective insect repellent. D-limonene is… Read more »