Are Cocktail Trees Good Gifts?

Some feel flowers fit every occasion, but we think you might want to consider sending your loved one a tree – specifically, a cocktail tree!

What’s a Cocktail Plant?

A fruit cocktail tree or cocktail plant is a tree that bears several related fruits. A dwarf fruit cocktail can be kept in a container, which makes it a great gift for people with limited space or people who live in climates that have frosty winters. If you want to give your loved one a citrus fruit cocktail tree, Florida or California residency isn’t a necessity…they can just bring their tree inside when the temperature drops!

What Kinds Of Fruits Grow On A Cocktail Tree?

The grafted fruits on a cocktail plant have to be related so they can all grow from the same mother tree. One type of cocktail fruit tree can be made up of a single tree with apricots, peaches, plums and nectarines, all on separate branches of the same tree. In a similar fashion, you can get trees grafted with four or five varieties of apples, or a tree with multiple varieties of pears. The same goes for citrus: when looking for a fruit cocktail tree for sale, a cocktail tree lemon lime variety is an excellent choice.

Why Give a Cocktail Tree as a Gift Instead of Flowers?

Fresh flowers are beautiful, meaningful, sentimental, and ideal for almost any occasion. A potted tree has all those qualities, and a potted citrus cocktail tree, which bears more than one kind of citrus fruit in season, has one more…instead of fading after a few days, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Imagine giving a cocktail lemon tree to celebrate a birth…in a few years, your recipient and her child will be making lemons from that very tree. And as a sympathy gift, a lemon lime cocktail tree can symbolize the loving memory of the departed person for many years to come.

A cocktail Meyer lemon is a great choice for the cook in your life, because Meyer lemons are difficult to come by in local grocery stores, but popular with would-be chefs for their many culinary uses. And of course, for someone recovering from an illness, a citrus cocktail tree is sure to add sunshine! The beauty, fragrance and bright color of a cocktail grapefruit tree replete with a variety of grapefruit, oranges and tangerines is sure to inspire a feeling of health even before the sweet fruit is plucked and eaten.

In conclusion…if your question is, “What can I do with fruit cocktail trees?” one answer is, they make amazing gifts – for yourself, as well! When you start looking for a cocktail tree for sale, you may be tempted to get one for yourself, as well. And if your question is, “Do cocktail trees make good gifts?” the answer is no – they make great gifts, sure to surprise and delight the ones who receive them!