White Jade Pineapple Plant

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11


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White Jade Pineapples are a favorite of many edible landscapers because the plants have spineless leaves, can grow in partial shade, and can bloom in as little as one to two years. In addition, the remarkable White Jade Pineapples have sweet, white, low-acid flesh and a soft, fully edible core. The White Jade Pineapple Plant’s blue-green foliage and arching growth habit make a tropical statement in any yard. The plants can be grown in the ground in USDA Zones 9 to 11, or in pots in Zones 4 to 11.

Plant White Jade Pineapple Plants in rows along sunny fences, walkways, or around decks to add tropical flair. You can also grow White Jade Pineapple Plants in groups of four or five plants to create a bed of dense leaves that will choke out weeds and deliver delicious fruit at the same time. The plants tolerate many soil types, are easy to grow, and their spinless leaves make havesting them a breeze. Overall the White Jade Pineapple is a vigorous performer that produces the perfect pineapple for the backyard grower.

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White Jade Pineapple Plant Care

White Jade Pineapple Plants are easy to grow both in the ground and in containers. If you are in a warm area such as those within Zones 9 to 11, plant White Jade Pineapple Plants in a sunny location and water overhead when soil is dry to two or three inches deep. Never water when the soil around the Pineapple Plants is wet, and be sure the ground is not prone to remaining soggy. You can add sand or perlite to the planting area to facilitate better drainage if need be.

White Jade Pineapple Plants will grow in partial shade as long as they get some full sun each day. However, full sun is best and White Jade Pineapple Plants growing in a spot with at least six hours of direct sun each day will bloom faster and make larger fruit than shaded plants. White Jade Pineapple Plants can grow in most soils that have organic matter and drain well. Use a clean, sharp knife to trim off leaves that are yellow or brown and fertilize lightly once in spring and once in summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Harvesting and Uses

The treasured White Jade Pineapple is a Hawaiian variety that does best when ripened on the plant and eaten fresh. The fruit does not ship well, because it is tender and very juicy. These two attributes which make White Jade Pineapples unfit for commercial shipping are exactly the qualities that make them so favored by home growers. Tasting these sweet, low-acid pineapples is a thrill that far surpasses the experience of eating even the best pineapple from the grocers. Growing White Jade Pineapples at home is a rewarding, fun, easy way to add edible plants to your landscape.

White Jade Pineapple leaves do not have the same serrated edges found on many other pineapple varieties. The smooth foliage makes trimming leaves and harvesting pineapples easier. Once harvested, the White Jade Pineapple is one of the sweetest pineapples available. The sweet taste comes from the fruit’s natural sugar and low acidity, which many find easier to digest when compared to higher acidity pineapples. The soft, edible core is a welcomed surprise to anyone trying a White Jade Pineapple for the first time. The sweet, juicy White Jade Pineapple is perfect for eating fresh, adding to fruit salads, baking, drying, and blending into frozen drinks on a hot summer day.

Growing Zones


White Jade Pineapple Plants are smaller than other Pineapple Plants. Mature White Jade Pineapple Plants are between one and three feet tall, and up to three feet wide. This small size makes them ideal for growing in narrow spaces and in containers. Three or four potted White Jade Pineapple Plants on a sunny patio creates an exotic look, and when they bloom and make fruit, the display is one of tropical splendor. Bring potted pineapples inside when temperatures drop below fifty degrees in winter.

Harvested White Jade Pineapples can be stored for a week or more in a cool dry place like a kitchen counter or pantry. Peeled and refrigerated White Jade Pineapple makes a great snack to grab on the go, and the fruit is suited to any pineapple recipe. Thick pineapple slices sprinkled with lime juice and brown sugar can be grilled to make a tempting dessert. White Jade Pineapple is also good for making pineapple juice, marmalade, and cobbler. It is easy to see why the versatile White Jade Pineapple has become one of the favorites to grow at home.


Are White Jade Pineapple Plants cold tolerant?

White Jade Pineapple Plants can live through temperatures at or even below freezing, but leaves and fruit can be damaged below forty degrees.

How do you water a White Jade Pineapple Plant?

White Jade Pineapple Plants are Bromeliads, so they like to be watered from overhead sprinkling, and not ground saturation.

Do White Jade Pineapple Plants need pollinators to make fruit?

White Jade Pineapple Plants are self-fertile and can grow fruit alone. Growing multiple White Jade Pineapple Plants can increase yeilds.

Do White Jade Pineapple Plants need fertilizer to make fruit?

White Jade Pineapple Plants absorb most of their nutrients through the leaves. Liquid fertilizers work well for pineapples, but need only be applied a few times per year.