Starter Kit – 3 Gallon Tree


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If you are ready to start growing your 3-gallon fruit tree at home, then we have designed this 3-gallon Starter Kit just for you. It has everything to repot your tree including pots, soil, and a year of nutrition all measured to provide exactly what your tree needs with no waste. This not only makes for a vibrant tree, but also eliminates guesswork, measuring, and storing bulky material like fertilizer and potting soil.

The 3-gallon Starter Kit comes with a 6.5-gallon Decorative Pot and Saucer, a Large Air Pruning Pot that fits inside the Decorative Pot, 3-gallons of potting soil, and a 1 Year Care Kit with fertilizer, micronutrients, and an application calendar.

The sleek Decorative Pots are made in Italy from durable, high quality Teiplast. Their modern design and upscale finish fits seamlessly with any interior, patio, or deck. When ordering, select from Decorative Pot colors Anthracite, Bronze, Dove Grey, Terra di Siena, Fuchsia, and Terracotta to compliment your space.

The included 1 Year Care Kit provides a year of nutrition with NPK Fertilizer, micronutrients, blooming fertilizer, and a calendar that tells you when to apply each. Choose from the 1 Year Avocado Tree Care Kit, 1 Year Citrus Tree Care Kit, or 1 Year Tropical Tree Care Kit. Select the Tropical Tree Care Kit for your figs, olives, pomegranates, persimmons, or other fruit trees that are not citrus or avocado.

All components of this kit have been pre-measured and formulated specifically to repot your 3-gallon tree into a 6.5-gallon container and maintain it for a year. We have included everything but sunlight and water, so you can be certain that your tree has everything it needs to flourish, bloom, and produce delicious fruit.