Ruby Supreme Guava Tree

Growing Zones in Ground: 8 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11


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When it comes to exotic fruit trees, the Ruby Supreme Guava Tree tops the list. The trees are easy to grow, can tolerate drought, and thrive in almost any soil type. The fruit of the Ruby Supreme Guava Tree is small (between two and four inches long,) round or slightly elongated, and has smooth, ruby-red pulp that is both fragrant and sweet. Ruby Supreme Guava Trees are self-fertile and even a six foot tree on a patio can produce dozens of fruit.

Ruby Supreme Guava Trees are tropical, and do best in USDA Growing Zones 8 to 11. Mature, healthy trees can survive short periods of freezing temperatures if protected, but if you are growing a Guava in a colder area, it is best to grow the tree in a container and bring it indoors in winter months.

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Guava Tree Care

Ruby Supreme Guava Trees reach a mature height of up to 10 feet, and a width of about 10 to 15 feet. They prefer full sunlight, but will grow in a location that receives at least a few hours of direct sun per day. If you are planting your tree in the ground, be sure to choose a spot with as much sunlight as possible, but with adequate drainage. Guava trees will do fine at the top of a ditch bank or near a pond, as long as the soil around the tree is never saturated.

Guava Trees like the Ruby Supreme thrive in much the same conditions as a citrus tree, so they make great companions to your grapefruit, oranges, or tangerines. Both like sunny, protected locations, enjoy deep soaked watering in soils that drain thoroughly, and require similar nutrition and overall care.

Fruit & Harvesting

Ruby Supreme Guavas can be eaten fresh, used in tropical fruit salads, or juiced for delicious drinks. The trees bloom in early spring, and the fruit is ready from June through August. Since the fruit is small and the trees are self-pollinating, many trees will often produce some fruit in their first year. Adding a second Guava Tree for cross-pollination can increase yields.

Pick the yellow to yellow-green fruits when they are between 2 to 4 inches long, and rounded off. Ripe fruit will yield slightly when squeezed, but do not wait for them to become as soft as a mature citrus fruit. Fruit can be picked by hand with a twisting motion, or you can use hand pruners to be sure you don’t damage branches when harvesting. Once picked the fruit is best eaten within a day or two, but refrigerated Guavas can last for up to a week.

Growing Zones


If you are within USDA Zones 8 to 11, and have space in your garden, plant your Ruby Supreme Guava Tree in the ground. Choose a location with at least 5 or more hours of sunlight per day with good drainage. Ideal locations also have some protection from north winds. On the sunny south side of a shed or established hedge is perfect. Dig a hole that is twice as wide as the tree’s root ball, and the same depth. (Do not over bury.) Place tree in hole, back fill with a mixture of existing soil and potting soil, and tamp the soil firmly. Water the new tree well.

If space or growing zone requires you to grow your Ruby Supreme Guava Tree in a container, choose a pot that is up to 3 inches wider than the pot your tree came in. Plant with potting soil and be sure the pot has holes for drainage. Place the tree outside in a sunny location for the warm months, and bring indoors at any chance of frost.


How do you eat a Guava from a Guava tree?

The flesh of a ripe Guava is soft, pulpy, and sweet with a floral scent. Small seeds are dispersed throughout the flesh. Cut the fruit in half, and cut the halves into wedges in much the same way as you might with a pitted peach. The seeds and ripe skins are edible. You can also scoop out the pulp with a spoon and strain it through a juicer to remove seeds and extract the tropical juice.

How soon will a Ruby Supreme Guava Tree grow fruit?

Ruby Supreme Guava Trees bloom in spring and produce fruit in the summer. A healthy tree grown in the ground in a warm location can grow fruit in the first year. Potted trees or trees grown indoors may take longer.

Where can you grow a Ruby Supreme Guava Tree?

You can grow a Ruby Supreme Guava Tree in the ground within USDA Growing Zones 8 to 11. Guavas are a tropical tree, so they like hot summers and mild winters. You can grow a Guava in a container in USDA Zones 4 to 11, and overwinter it indoors when cold months arrive.

Are Ruby Supreme Guava Trees hard to care for?

In the right location, Ruby Supreme Guava Trees are easy to grow. They are drought tolerant, can thrive in a wide range of soils, and because the fruit is small, they will grow a good crop on a small tree. They can be grown in the ground or in a container and both options will yield fruit.