Valentines Red Anthurium

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11


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Perfect for Valentines Day. Anthuriums grow to about 24 inches tall, have wide, glossy leaves, and dazzling red flowers that bloom throughout the warm season, with individual blooms that can last for up to a month. Anthuriums can be grown in the ground within USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9 to 11, and they make great potted houseplants in any zone.

Anthurium Plants like high shade. The filtered but still bright light provided by tall oak trees or palms creates the ideal environment for these exotic beauties. Plant them in shaded beds for a tropical display. Potted Anthuriums create an island look, whether placed on the corners of a shaded patio, or grown indoors in a bright window. Add the Red Anthurium to your tropical yard or container garden and enjoy the splendor of a most decorative plant.

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Anthurium Plant Care

Anthurium Plants are cold hardy down to 29ºF. They can even be grown in the ground in Zones 9 to 11. Oaxaca Anthuriums must have a well drained location, but they also like plenty of water and rich organic matter. Amend the soil with lava rock gravel to ensure both drainage and the flow of water to the plant roots. Water when the soil surface begins to dry, and never allow the soil to become arid.

Use sterilized, sharp shears to trim off dead leaves and faded, drooping blooms. Remove both old leaves and expired blooms by cutting their stems as close to the main stem as possible. Fertilize once per month with a balanced liquid fertilizer (such as 20-20-20) diluted to 50% strength. In spring and summer alternate monthly feeding between the balanced fertilizer, and a bloom supporting liquid fertilizer.

Oaxaca Anthurium Plant Uses

Anthurium plants are grown for their attractive foliage and impressive blooms. The pink to red “flowers” are actually leaves called spathes. The heart-shaped spathes surround a cone-like spike called a spadix, which is the actual bloom. Oaxaca Anthurium Plants are large, reach two feet tall or higher, and make beautiful bedding plants. Oaxaca Anthurium Plants are also great for growing indoors if kept moist and in a humid location.

Oaxaca Anthuriums can also be planted in pots outdoors in warm climates. A few pots of Oaxaca Anthuriums will lend an exotic tone to your patio, porch, or shady deck. You can also bring potted Oaxaca Anthuriums indoors for the winter. Mist the indoor plants with water daily, and place a wide, shallow pan or potting saucer filled with water near the plants to help add moisture to the air.

Growing Zones


Growing Anthurium Plants in pots is a great way to display their deep green leaves and large red spathes. Use pots with drainage holes and water fully to keep the soil moist. A good soil mixture for Anthurium Plants is one part potting soil, one part orchid mix, and one part one-inch lava rock gravel. If small agregate lava rock gravel is unavailable, you can substitute coarse perlite.

Anthurium Plants can also be grown in hanging baskets. Be sure the hanging pots have drainage holes. Choose a hanging basket that has a pot twice the size of the new plant’s root ball. Plant using the soil mixture described above and leave a one to two inch space at the top of the pot for watering. Hang Anthuriums planted in hanging baskets in a spot that is in mostly shade. You can grow Anthurium Hanging Baskets in a shady spot in the yard, then bring them to a shaded porch to enjoy when the red bloom spathes arrive.


How big do Anthurium Plants get?

Most Anthuriums grow to between twelve and fifteen inches tall and as wide.

Are Anthurium Plants edible?

No, Anthurium Plants are not edible and are grown as ornamentals only.

Are Anthurium Plants pet safe?

Anthurium Plants can be toxic to pets. The plants contain calcium oxalate which can cause mouth irritation if chewed and may cause difficulty breathing if swallowed by pets. Hanging baskets and raised shelves can keep potted Anthurium Plants safely away from most curious pets.

How often should Oaxaca Anthurium Plants be watered?

Anthurium Plants don’t like constantly soggy soil. However, they do need frequent watering to keep their easily drained soil damp. Water when the soil surface begins to dry, but be sure the medium drains well and fully.