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If you are buying a new 3-gallon size citrus, avocado, or other fruit tree, and already have the larger, 6 to 7 gallon pot to put it in, then this kit gives you everything else you need to grow and feed your new tree at home. This 3-Gallon Grow Kit includes precise amounts of soil, fertilizer, and nutrients, all measured for you so there is no waste, bulky storage, or guesswork required.

The 3-Gallon Grow Kit includes 3-gallons of specially formulated potting soil to plant your 3-gallon tree into a larger 6.5-gallon pot. The citrus and tropical fruit soil features organic material, special soil ingredients, and natural drainage material so your trees will grow vigorous, stable roots.

In addition to soil, this 3-Gallon Grow Kit comes with your choice of 1 Year Tree Care Kit. The Tree Care Kits provide a full year of NPK Fertilizer, micronutrients, bloom-time food, and a calendar that tells you just when to apply each element. When purchasing, choose from the 1 Year Avocado Tree Care Kit, 1 Year Citrus Tree Care Kit, or 1 Year Tropical Tree Care Kit. Select the Tropical Tree Care Kit for persimmons, pomegranates, olives, figs, and other fruit trees that are not citrus or avocado.

When you already have a suitable 6.5-gallon container with adequate drainage holes, then this Grow Kit provides all other essentials to grow and feed your new 3-gallon fruit tree for a full year.