Florida Special Pineapple Plant

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11

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Florida Special Pineapples were originally bred for growing in the warm Florida climate, but these tasty golden-fleshed pineapples can be grown almost anywhere. They are recommended for in-ground growing in USDA Zones 9 to 11 and containerized growing in Zones 4 to 11. However you choose to grow Florida Special Pineapples, the versitile plants and delicious tropical fruits they provide make perfect additions to the edible landscape. Florida Special Pineapple plants grow long, curved, green leaves that may develop red and gold shades in the summer sun.

Planting a row of Florida Special Pineapple Plants along a pathway instantly creates a tropical feel. Seeing the graceful plants hold up their large, iconic fruit will thrill homeowners and guests alike. Harvesting your own delicious, nutritious Florida Special Pineapples is one of edible gardening’s sweetest rewards. Florida Special Pineapple Plants are self-fertile, but growing a few together increases fruit vigor and production. They love full sun, a wide range of soil types, and require little care or maintenance. Add a few of these Florida Special Pineapple Plants to your garden and get started growing your own fresh Pineapples.

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Pineapple Plant Care

Florida Special Pineapple Plants are great for small gardens and tight spaces. Unlike fruit trees, Florida Special Pineapples take up very little room. In the space required for one citrus tree, for example, you could grow a dozen mature Florida Special Pineapple Plants. The plants grow to approximately three feet tall and three to four feet wide. The narrow leaves easily grow among each other, so Florida Special Pineapple Plants can be spaced more tightly than other fruiting plants. Space new Florida Special Pineapples about three or four feet apart and plant in rows or groups of several plants.

Florida Special Pineapple Plants thrive in full sun, and a location that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight per day is best. The plants will grow and produce fruit in partial shade, but a sunnier spot will help the plants bloom sooner and grow larger pineapples. Florida Special Pineapple Plants are not picky about soil type as long as the ground drains well. Plant new plants in holes three times the root ball size, and backfill with a mixture of potting soil and sand. Water new plants once per week or when soil is dry to three inches deep, and be sure the ground does not remain soggy.

Harvesting and Uses

Florida Special Pineapple Plants can bloom and set a fruit as quickly as one year in the ground, but two years is common. Once a Florida Special Pineapple Plant blooms, the fruit will take up to five months to develop and ripen. Wait until the pineapple begins to turn yellow on each side, then harvest using a sharp, sterilized knife or pruners. Cut the fruit from the plant at a point two inches below where the stem enters the bottom of the fruit. Leave the cut stem on the plant and it is possible that the same plant will bloom once or even twice again. Florida Special Pineapple Plants have serrated leaves so use gloves, long sleeves, and care when harvesting.

Florida Special Pineapples have gold flesh that is juicy with a perfect balance between tropical tartness and sweetness. Grilling pineapple brings out an even sweeter flavor. Pineapple can be eaten fresh, blended into smoothies, baked into cobblers and desserts, and used to make pineapple marmalade. For long-term storage pineapples can be cut into chunks and frozen, or dried in a dehydrator to create dried pineapple (a snack as sweet as candy). Pineapple is bursting with vitamins, minerals, and a high water content, all of which make it a healthy food that is also a delicacy.

Growing Zones


Once a Florida Special Pineapple Plant has grown a fruit and been harvested, the plant may bloom one or two more times. These second and third blooms will make pineapples that are usually much smaller than the first fruit. But don’t worry, these smaller pineapples are just as sweet and tasty, and they are perfect for sharing, decorating a summer table, and taking on a picnic or boat ride. When the plant has bloomed a second or third time, it will also begin growing new plants in the form of suckers. These new plants will also grow fruit, and the process goes on and on.

Growing Florida Special Pineapple Plants in pots is a great way to add edible plants to your patio. Even without blooms and fruit, the arching Florida Special Pineapple Plants make handsome container plants. Use three to seven gallon pots with holes for drainage, and potting soil that drains well. In Zones 4 to 9, bring the potted Florida Special Pineapples in when temperatures fall below fifty degrees. Place them in a sunny, south facing window for the winter, then move them outside again in spring.


Where Can Florida Special Pineapples be grown?

Florida Special Pineapple Plants can be grown in the ground within USDA Zones 9 to 11 and in pots in Zones 4 to 11 if brought inside for the coldest months.

How big is the fruit of a Florida Special Pineapple Plant?

Florida Special Pineapple fruit can reach sizes of up to ten inches long and weigh four pounds or more. The fruit of the Florida Special Pineapple Plant is similar in size to many grocery store pineapples.

When do Florida Special Pineapple Plants bloom?

Florida Special Pineapple Plants bloom at various times of year. When a pineapple plant blooms is influenced more by plant age and growing conditions than season.

How long does it take for a Florida Special Pineapple Plant to make fruit?

Florida Special Pineapple Plants growing in the ground in a tropical climate can produce fruit in one, two, or three years depending on planting location, weather, and growing conditions.