EverPot™ Air Pruning Pot

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Would you enjoy having a dwarf citrus tree, but would rather not have to prune roots and change pots? Our air pruning pot does all the work for you. The 5L Pot is for 1 gallon trees and the 20L Pots is for?á 3 gallon trees.

This 20-liter (5.2 gal.) pot is designed with multiple holes, which naturally prune the roots when they encounter air. The process prevents roots from circling and becoming woody. In this pot your citrus tree will remain between 4 and 6 feet tall, which is the perfect size for indoors or on your patio.

The EverPot™ air pruning pot is designed with root health in mind. Each EverPot™ contains a system of strategically placed holes in the side and bottom of the pot. When roots attempt to grow through the holes, they encounter air, causing the roots to stop growing in that direction. Instead, new root fibers branch off into the soil. When those roots reach air, they branch off again. What you end up with a vast network of healthy roots in the pot. The additional root fibers translate into more nutrients and water being fed to the tree.

In regular nursery pots, the roots encounter the sidewall and start to circle around the pot. This results less root fibers and less nutrients for the tree. The EverPot™ prevents roots from endlessly circling the interior pot wall and becoming woody in their search for more soil.

The EverPot™ is versatile. It can be used as a temporary pot to ensure root health or it can be used to dwarf a tree and make it fruit faster. If you are planning to keep your tree in a pot on your patio or indoors, consider using an EverPot™ to ensure root health, while keeping your tree a manageable size. Here’s the awesome part: because the tree isn’t trying to grow to full size, it uses that energy to produce fruit at an earlier age.

It’s simple. Using an EverPot™ means you never have to re-pot to a larger pot, unless you want the tree to grow larger. We’ve found the the 20L EverPot™ produces the perfect size patio tree. And it fits perfectly in our 6.5 gallon decorative pot. If you want something even more petite, with the right pruning, the 5L  EverPot™ will keep your  tree small enough to put on a table. Did someone say citrus bonsai? Sounds like fun!

5 Liter = 1.3 Gallon

20 Liter = 5.25 Gallon