Double Mahoi Banana Plant

Growing Zones in Ground: 9 - 11 / in Pots: 4 - 11



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The amazing Double Mahoi Banana Plant is a mutation of a Dwarf Cavendish Banana with one very unique characteristic. As the name implies, the Double Mahoi Banana actually grows two blooms and bunches of Bananas on one trunk. The first bloom will usually be a single flower and fruit bunch. But the subsequent production will most often produce a staggering double bloom that grows hundreds of bananas on one tree. The fruit is creamy, sweet, and dessert-quality. Grow twice the fruit in the same edible garden space with the Double Mahoi Banana.

Double Mahoi Banana plants have dark green leaves up to eighteen inches wide and four feet long. These large leaves collect sunlight for the plant, while shading the ground below to help the soil stay moist. The Double Mahoi Banana Plants like full sun, well-drained soil, reliable watering, and rich organic matter. Give Double Mahoi Banana Plants these conditions in USDA Zones 9 to 11, and be rewarded with double crops of fine eating bananas for breakfast, baking, smoothies, and more.

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Banana Plant Care

Double Mahoi Banana Plants will grow the fastest and make the most fruit when planted in full sun. The ideal planting location for new Bananas is a location that gets at least eight hours of direct sun per day. Double Mahoi Banana Plants will grow in less sun, but they will take longer to make fruit. Plant in well-drained soil by digging a hole that is twice the size of the pot the Banana plant is growing in. Backfill with soil and compost, do not over-burry, and water in well. Water new Double Mahoi Banana Plants at once per week or when the soil is dry down to two inches deep.

Double Mahoi Banana Plants need plenty of nutrition to grow their double crop. Feed Double Mahoi Banana Plants once every three months with vegetable or fruit tree fertilizer and always water the fertilizer in well. Feed Double Mahoi Bananas composted leaves, grass clippings, or manure at any time. Mulch the ground around the Double Mahoi Banana Plants to keep weeds and grass from establishing around the Banana stems.

Fruit & Harvesting

When the Double Mahoi Banana plants have two heads of fruit on a tree, the trees may require support, to keep the heavy crop from pulling the trunks over. Prop laden Banana trunks up with wooden stakes and ¼-inch rope or cord. Drive stakes into the ground and use a towel or cloth to cushion the looped cord where it holds the trunk. Double Mahoi Bananas are about the same size and shape as the Cavendish Bananas found in most stores. But a double head on one trunk can weigh over seventy pounds. Be ready to support the heavy bunches of fruit when harvesting an entire stalk.

Like other Banana Trees, each banana tree grows fruit only one time. Once a single Banana pseudostem grows a Banana bunch, the fruit is removed and that trunk is cut down. It is the second replacement pseudostems (Banana Trees) that grow the double blooms. After a tree has produced harvested fruit, cut that pseudostem off at ground level. The removed trunk can be composted by cutting it into one foot sections, and splitting the sections into its many layers. This material is also good as mulch under other fruit trees, or the Banana Plants themselves.

Growing Zones


Bananas grow in clusters of several trunks. Each cluster of trees is called a banana mat or stand. The ideal Double Mahoi Banana mat consists of three pseudostems at any given time. The oldest, largest stem produces the current or soon-to-arrive bloom(s). The second, medium-sized trunk is there to replace the fruiting trunk after harvest. The third and final pseudostem is the smallest, and is left growing to replace the mid-sized stem, or Banana Tree. When a single Banana mat has three such trunks, begin and continue to remove any additional trees that appear.

When cutting out new growth or when choosing which Banana trunks to leave growing on the mat, only keep the Sword Suckers. Sword Suckers are sharply pointed at the growing end, and have narrow young leaves. Sword Suckers will grow up to produce fruit. Remove and compost any Water Suckers. Water Suckers grow short stems and wider young leaves. Water suckers will consume the mat’s water and fertilizer, but these trunks will never produce fruit. If additional Sword Suckers (the desireable sports) grow once you have your three trunks, remove and plant them elsewhere, or share them with a grower friend.


How tall will Double Mahoi Banana Plants grow?

Double Mahoi Banana Plants grow to between six and ten feet tall, and up to eight feet wide.

Can Double Mahoi Banana Plants grow in a pot?

Yes as long as it is well draining

Are Double Mahoi Bananas good to eat?

Double Mahoi Banana plants grow fruits that are basically the same quality of Bananas found in grocery stores, as they are a mutated variety of the popular Cavendish Banana.

Can Double Mahoi Bananas take cold temperatures?

Double Mahoi Banana Plants are somewhat cold hardy and can survive some cold or even freezes. Fruit and trunks can be damaged by frost, but the mat will likely live to grow more trees.