2 Gallon Decorative Pot


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Terracota $19.99 04/04

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We are thrilled to offer these gorgeous Teiplast Pots that will compliment your decor, while providing an exceptional home for your prized fruit trees.

These pots are made in Italy and feature a sleek design that is both simple and progressive. Their modern, appealing form has been shaped to blend seamlessly into any interior or exterior space. If you are looking to grow citrus or other fruit trees, while maintaining a look of elegance and taste, then these Teiplast Pots are the solution.

Each pot is made of high quality Teiplast, which is a superior construction resin that is light yet strong, and meets the highest standards of resistance to shock, temperature extremes, and exposure to moisture. The lightweight, durable Teiplast material provides the benefits of the strongest plastics, but without compromising your décor with a plastic look. The pots are offered in a wide selection of tasteful colors, including Anthracite, Bronze, Dove Grey, Terra di Siena, Fuchsia, and Terracotta.

To further enhance the functionality of these beautiful pots, we have paired them with our EverPot™ air pruning pots. The Small Teiplast Decorative Pot (which is 8 Liters or 2.1 Gallons) can be paired perfectly with our 5 liter EverPot™. The EverPot™ is designed to fit inside the Teiplast pot, which will greatly extend the potted lifespan of your fruit tree within the decorative container.

Together, the Small Teiplast Decorative Pot and the accompanying 5L EverPot™ air pruning pot create an elegant and functional potting solution that will simultaneously give your trees the best support possible, while lending a look of sophistication and style to your home’s interior or exterior.

  • Made in Italy
  • Highest quality Teiplast resin construction
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Plastic durability and lightness without a plastic look
  • Available in sophisticated colors to compliment your decor
  • Small Teiplast Decorative Pot is 8 Liters or 2.1 Gallons
  • Matching EverPot™ air pruning pot is 5 Liters or 1.3 Gallons