Who Else Loves Valencia Oranges?

The Valencia Orange is one of the major citrus fruits grown in the United States, particularly in the state of Florida where it constitutes about 50 percent of citrus produce grown in the region. This summer orange fruit is a real treat during the tepid summer months because it is not just sweet and tasty, it is also utterly refreshing and amazingly nutritious. With summer fast approaching, wouldn’t it be nice to have this refreshing orange fruit within your arms’ reach? How can we do that? Simple! By growing a Valencia tree in your backyard you can be sure to have a sweet fruit we can munch on to quench our thirst during the hot season. But before checking online as to where to buy Valencia Oranges, let us first learn more about this tree and how to care for it.

Valencia Orange tree Origin

Although named after a city in Spain, Valencia Orange trees are all American. Some sweet orange trees were imported from India and they were hybridized by William Wolfskill in his vineyard in Santa Ana, southern California during the mid-19th century. Oranges produced by these Valencia trees are distinctively sweet, and have the bright orange color that is the signature of our beloved orange juice.

Valencia Orange Tree

The Valencia Orange tree is classified as a subtropical tree and does well in an area with a warm climate. It is best grown in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 through 11 where winter is mild and summer provides sufficient heat required for the Valencia citrus fruits to ripen and become sweeter. You can still buy a Valencia Orange tree for sale even if you live outside USDA zones 9 to 11 but you need to provide cold protection to the tree during the cold winter months.

How big do Valencia Orange trees get? Well, the standard Valencia Orange tree height is 12 to 20 feet upon reaching maturity, while a dwarf Valencia Orange tree only grows to about 6 to 8 feet tall. The height is determined by various factors like climate, soil, Valencia Orange tree care, and the variety you are growing.

The Valencia Fruit

Valencia oranges are in season from March until July. The oranges typically grow to about 2.7 to 3 inches in diameter and weigh around 96 grams. They contain 6 seeds or less per fruit.

The refreshing fruits have the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavor, plus they boast a vibrant orange color making them an amazing fruit not just for snacking but also for juicing. What’s more, pectin which gives the fruit a bitter flavor, is only found in the seeds of Valencia oranges making them the perfect orange fruit for juicing.  

If you are interested in buying Valencia Orange trees for sale or are interested in purchasing a dwarf Valencia Orange tree for sale you can contact your local nursery or out-of-state citrus farms to see if they may deliver Valencia Orange trees in your area.