What is the Best Lemon Tree to Buy?

The Lemon Tree gives a bright ambiance and adds an aromatic fragrance to the air outside and inside our homes. You can grow a Lemon Tree indoors or outdoors with proper care and maintenance. There are many varieties of Lemon Trees which you can grow at home. Some of these Trees include the Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree, the Meyer Improved Dwarf Lemon Tree, and the 2-in-1 Lemon-Lime Tree. Also known as the Cocktail Lemon Tree.

If you are planning to buy a Lemon Tree, you may be interested in reading the short Lemon Tree introductions we have prepared, so you will have an idea which Tree suits your needs and what is best for you.

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Types of Lemon Tree

  • Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree – a typical citrus tree that you can find inside a house or in a garden. This tree produces large, seedless, and zesty fruits that will surely relieve your thirst. Eureka Lemon is also known as “Four Season Lemon” because it bears fruits throughout the year. The Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree size can grow to about 8 to 10 feet when planted in a container and up to 15 feet if planted directly into the ground.
  • Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Tree – is an improved, virus-free version of Meyer Lemon Tree cultivar, and is smaller than the standard-sized tree. Like the Dwarf Eureka Lemon Tree, this tree bears fruit throughout the year. Dwarf Improved Meyer Trees can grow 6 to 10 feet high and 12 feet wide when grown in the ground and remain smaller in size when planted in a pot.
  • Cocktail Lemon Tree – is a hybrid of Meyer Lemon Tree and Lime Key Tree. If you’re planning to have a Lemon and a Lime Tree, this hybrid Lemon-Lime Tree is best for you! Once you have had your first crop, this tree will always blossom and bear fruits all the time. Keep in mind though that the height of this tree can reach up to 12 feet, but can be maintained to a smaller size through pruning, which by the way can help to preserve its shrubby form.

The Best Mulch for Lemon Trees

Choosing mulch for your Tree is important. The benefit of mulching includes protecting the Tree by eliminating weeds around the base, while maintaining the soil moisture. It also eliminates much digging around the citrus Tree. Mulching can also help the feeder roots to do their job well and give your tree a constant supply of nutrients.

Proper mulching will help your Lemmon Tree to become more productive and healthy. The best mulch for your Lemon Tree is Organic Mulch. You can make organic mulch from composted leaves or vegetables, or if you have some budget you can purchase barks and chips – they are sold in big and small pieces.

Lemon Tree Diseases and Treatment

Sometimes we cannot prevent trees from contracting diseases especially if you are a beginner home gardener. The common diseases of a Lemon Tree are Botrytis fungus, Phytophthora fungus, Anthracnose, greasy spot fungus, citrus canker, and sooty mold fungus. Using copper fungicide can help prevent, control, or eliminate the fungus on your Tree. Proper tree care can also help keep your tree healthy and disease-free.