The Nutritious Value of Fresh Citrus Fruit

Keeping an active lifestyle and having a balanced healthy diet is everyone’s wish. We all want to be strong and healthy, and avoid dreadful diseases and deadly illnesses. To make this dream into a reality, we must include nutritious fruits like Navel citrus, Lemons, Grapefruits, and oranges into our daily diet.

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Tasty and Nutritious

Citrus fruits have long been highly regarded as part of a healthy and tasty diet. They are delicious, sweet, refreshingly juicy, and contain numerous minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber known to boost the immune system. The nutrients found in citrus fruits may also help reduce the risk of acquiring diseases like stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and even cancer. On top of that, citrus fruits are low in calories, high in essential nutrients like potassium and calcium, and do not contain fats, cholesterol, or sodium.

How to get your hands on fresh Citrus

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to wake up and be able to grab a fresh citrus fruit from your backyard and use it for a snack or home-cooked meal? The best way to get your hands on fresh and organic citrus is by planting a citrus cocktail tree or lemon lime citrus tree at home.

You can either plant citrus seeds then wait for it to mature in 10 years or buy a citrus fruit cocktail tree from nurseries and start harvesting fruits in just 3 to 4 years. You can check out for a Citrus Cocktail tree for sale you can plant in your area The site also provides all of the information you need for proper planting and care once you get your new tree. If unsure which citrus tree to buy, you may read the reviews to know which variety fits your needs.

Growing Fruit Cocktail Citrus Tree provides information on how to properly care for citrus trees including that for the Cocktail citrus tree. has the citrus growing zones data and citrus cocktail tree care you can follow for your citrus tree to grow healthy and bear tasty fruits in no time.

Fruit Cocktail tree citrus is a subtropical tree that is a combination of Meyer Lemon and Key Lime. Both cultivars were grafted onto a compatible rootstock enabling both Meyer Lemon and Key Lime to grow on a single tree. This citrus tree is best for home growers with limited space who want to grow both lemons and limes.  

The Cocktail tree citrus care includes providing the tree with ample sunlight, the right amount of water to keep the soil moist but not soaked, mulch for citrus trees, pruning, and fertilization. The best mulch for citrus trees is an organic material like wood chips and bark. They do not only make the area look neat but also slow down the decomposition process allowing the soil to have a constant supply of nutrients.    

Mulching citrus trees

People commonly ask, “Should you mulch citrus trees?” The truth is mulching citrus trees is an important part of caring for citrus trees. When you mulch around citrus trees you ensure that moisture is retained in the soil and at the same time you are preventing weeds or grass from growing near the tree which would compete for nutrients in the soil. Simply avoid stacking mulch against the citrus tree trunk. When you apply mulch around the tree you also feed the soil and moderate the soil temperature which is beneficial for your growing citrus trees.