Party Pumping Grapefruit Drinks for Holiday Parties

This year add some grapefruit drinks to your holiday party menu. Grapefruit juice is light and refreshing and will bring balance to heavy and rich holiday desserts and savory meals. Grapefruit drinks without alcohol are always great to have on hand for children and for guests who don’t want to consume alcohol at the party. These beautiful and fun grapefruit drinks will be a huge hit with your friends and family members at holiday parties this year:

Grapefruit Margarita

You can make these with tequila or without, if you want to serve them to kids or guests who don’t drink alcohol. These are also fabulous for birthday parties or when you have your friends over for an evening of fun. To make these you will need pink or white sanding sugar, limes, and a lot of fresh pink grapefruit. First make a simple syrup by boiling together some grapefruit juice and sugar. Then pour about a cup of fresh grapefruit juice into a blender with some ice. Blend until the mixture has a great slushy consistency. Mix the cold juice and ice mixture with a few teaspoons of the simple syrup. Add tequila if you want. Blend everything together thoroughly and pour into a glass that has been rimmed with the sugar. Garnish with a fresh lime and you have a delicious and refreshing drink.

Grapefruit Cider Punch

This easy to make seasonal punk will get a lot of attention from your guests. Mix equal parts fresh apple cider and fresh grapefruit juice, then add ginger ale or club soda and ice. The taste is light and sparkling but still has a familiar seasonal taste thanks to the cider. The grapefruit juice will bring out the tanginess of the cider and make it taste rich and delicious. You can make this an alcoholic punch by adding vodka to the mix, but you can also serve it without alcohol. Garnish with candied grapefruit for a sweet touch.

Cranberry Grapefruit Cocktail

This drink has a seasonal taste but also has a nice edge thanks to the addition of vanilla vodka. Boil grapefruit juice and sugar to make simple syrup. Mix the syrup with cranberry juice and a little vanilla vodka. If you want to give the drink a nice consistency add some cranberries blended with ice to the glass and garnish with a sprig of mint. If you want to make the drink without alcohol you can add a touch of grated vanilla bean to the drink to get the bite of the vanilla in the flavor.