New Household Uses for Grapefruit

Grapefruit tastes delicious and is super healthy, but you can also use it in many ways around the house and to take care of your skin. Grapefruit is a natural antibacterial agent and the wonderful smell of fresh grapefruit juice can be very uplifting. Many commercial cleaners and skin care products use grapefruit scent because it’s light and sweet and not overpowering, but you can use fresh grapefruit juice to get the same scent without using chemical based products. Here are just a few of the innovative ways you can use fresh grapefruit around your home that you might never have thought of:

To scent your home – Instead of using dangerous candles that often have sickly sweet scents that can cause headaches when you want to make your whole home smell fresh and inviting pour a cup of fresh grapefruit juice and a half of a cup of water into a small saucepan and simmer it on the stove. You will love the wonderful scent of fresh grapefruit wafting throughout your home.

To scent your laundry – Mix fresh grapefruit juice with distilled water in a spray bottle and mist your towels, linens, curtains, and clothes. The water will evaporate as it dries leaving a sweet grapefruit scent. To make the scent even more unique you can mix juice from several types of grapefruit like white grapefruit and pink grapefruit. Or mix ruby red grapefruit juice and fresh orange juice.

To keep animals out of your garden and plants – Cats in particular hate citrus scents, so placing a small mesh bag filled with grapefruit and orange rinds around your outdoor plants or along your fence line will discourage neighborhood animals from coming into your garden. You can also bury some of the grapefruit and orange rinds in the soil around the plants. As the rinds break down they will boost the nutrition in the soil which will help the plants grow.

To exfoliate your skin- Instead of spending a fortune on expensive skin products you can make your own healthy and natural skin exfoliating scrub. Mix some granulated sugar and about a cup of fresh grapefruit juice with a little grapeseed or olive oil and use in the shower on your whole body, especially your feet. The grapefruit juice will revive your spirits and tone and tighten your skin and the sugar will gently exfoliate. This easy to make scrub is even safe to use on your face.