How long does it take for a kumquat tree to bear fruit?

Called the little gems of the citrus family, sweet kumquat trees are slow-growing, shrubby trees native to Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. The earliest recorded information on kumquat fruit trees comes from 12th century Chinese literature.

Kumquat Tree

So what do a kumquat trees look like? Kumquat trees are ornamental, ever-green citrus trees from genus Fortunella of the Rutaceae family. Sour kumquat trees and sweet kumquat trees have a typically rounded canopy and small leaves. The Nagamai kumquat tree and Meiwa kumquat tree heights range from 2.4 to 4.5m tall, and 10 feet wide when left untrimmed but can be kept at a small size thru judicious pruning and pinching. Kumquat tree leaves are glossy and dark-green in color. They produce delicate white blooms that emit a pleasant citrus-floral scent. The blooms then turn into small oval or rounded kumquat fruits – the most diminutive members of the citrus family. 

  • Meiwa Sweet Kumquat Tree (Fortunella crassifolia) – the Meiwa Kumquat Tree is a cross-breed that naturally occurred between Marumi and Nagami kumquats. It is a cold-hardy tree that is generally propagated via grafting using the rootstock of other citrus trees. This small kumquat tree is self-pollinating and one tree can produce hundreds and even thousands of sweet fruits with edible rind that has virtually no bitter pith.

You can find Dwarf Meiwa kumquat trees and standard-sized Meiwa kumquat trees for sale at numerous nurseries. But be sure to buy kumquat trees from a reputable nursery to ensure you get a kumquat tree that is in good health and condition by the time it arrives on your doorstep.

  • Nagami Sour Kumquat Tree (Fortunella margarita) – Nagami or Sour Kumquat tree has a rounded canopy that boasts of green and glossy foliage, and fragrant white blooms. After the bloom season, the beautiful flowers turn into sweet-tart kumquats with bright, neon-orange sweet edible rind and flesh that provides the tart flavor.

Like other citrus fruits, you can also find dwarf kumquat tree for sale if you need a cultivar that would fit into limited space.


When do kumquat trees bear fruit? Harvest time of Kumquats varies depending on the cultivar; some ripen from November to January while some from mid-December up until April.

Kumquat Tree for Sale For first time home growers or an enthusiast looking to expand their collection, getting a nagami kumquat tree for sale or a meiwa kumquat is a great option. They do well planted in the ground or grown in a pot. If the standard-sized tree which can grow up to 8 to 12 feet high won’t fit in the available space you have at home, you can always opt for a dwarf kumquat tree for sale which will reach 4 to 6 feet tall at maturity.