Healthy Tangerines Make Eating Right Easy

Tangerines, like a lot of citrus fruits, are full of the vitamins and minerals that can help you stay healthy. But did you know that tangerines can help fight obesity and diabetes too? It’s true. Medical studies have shown that a flavonoid in tangerines that can help fight obesity and diabetes. It also can help prevent heart attacks. Just by eating healthy you can lower your risk of heart attacks and help manage your weight. If you are pre-diabetic eating tangerines can help you prevent the onset of diabetes.

Tangerines are in season from early fall until early spring. Eating tangerines along with oranges and grapefruit will give you a great health boost as well as lots of tasty citrus fruit choices. Tangerines have less than 80 calories per fruit. They also have a thick and pebbly skin that is great for peeling. You can take these bright and sweet citrus fruits with you anywhere you go. You can also keep some in your desk or in the car for quick snacks whenever you need one. The small size and low calories make tangerines the perfect snack for kids because they can peel the fruit themselves.

Eating tangerines is a great way to stay fit and healthy. But if you are pre-diabetic, suffer from obesity or have a history of heart attacks in your family eating tangerines is also a good way to fight off serious disease. Research is proving that Nobiletin, a flavonoid in tangerines, can help relieve metabolic syndrome and promote a healthy metabolism and weight loss. It also has a positive effect on blood sugar levels and can help prevent diabetes. You really can lose weight and help fight diabetes just by eating. But you have to eat the right foods like tangerines and other low calorie citrus fruits that have the anti-oxidants and flavonoids to fight disease naturally.

When you order citrus fruit online and have it shipped to your home you can be sure that you are getting the best quality fruit directly from the grower. You can taste the difference when your fruit is shipped directly to you. If you join a monthly fruit club you will never have to worry about running out of healthy citrus fruit because a new box will be sent to you automatically every month. If taking control of your health and preventing serious disease matters to you then citrus fruit should be part of your daily diet.