From Yarden to Table – Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Recipe

Need something fresh to beat the summer heat? Now you can enjoy fresh, squeezed lemonade, hand-picked from your very own Yarden! Just Pick your lemons, squeeze, add sugar and mix, and send yourself to an island of freshness.


• Around 9 Lemons from your Lemon Tree
• 1 cup Water
• 1 ¾ cups white sugar
• 7 cups ice-cold water
• Ice as needed


  1. Gather Your ingredients
  2. Combine the sugar and 1 cup of water (not ice cold) in a saucepan. Stir until sugar is dissolved
  3. Let Cool
  4. Roll lemons on countertop to soften
  5. Cut lemons in half and squeeze (can use hand juicer if desired) adding pulp to juice – Remove seeds
  6. Continue Juicing until 1 ½ cups of fresh lemon juice and pulp
  7. Pour ice-cold water into a pitcher. Stir lemon juice and pulp
  8. Add simple syrup ( sugar water) to taste
  9. Add Ice & Enjoy!