Citrus Fruit Baskets: The Great, Healthy Gift All Year Long

Fruit basket
Pictured: Citrus Gift Basket Ready for Delivery

Almost everyone loves citrus fruits of some kind, and one of the most popular and practical gift options, especially in today’s health conscious society, is the citrus fruit basket.  Citrus fruits contain essential vitamins, such as Vitamin C and many others, and are an important food source.  Among the most common and delicious citrus fruits that go into a citrus fruit basket are grapefruit, orange, clementine, tangerine, mandarin, lemon, lime, and kumquat, as well as other fruits that are fresh and available in the United States all year long.

Many gourmet citrus baskets also include pears, figs, apples or grapes as well as nuts, crackers and cheese to add a variety of taste as well as aroma and an elegant look.  Attractively decorated citrus baskets filled with delicious fine fruits and other goodies can be found for anywhere from US $20 to $100 with an easy search on the Internet.  But it’s easy to make and customize your own citrus fruit baskets.

Citrus fruit baskets make excellent gifts for almost any special occasion or event.  The most popular times to send citrus fruit baskets are Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah because they are not only a celebration of life but great for responsibly feeding visitors who drop by your home or office.

A citrus fruit basket can also be enjoyed on more personal holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  A citrus fruit basket in the lunchroom on Secretary’s Day is a sight that will bring a smile of appreciation to every office worker’s face and make him or her feel truly valued by their company.

Other appropriate times to send a delicious, nutritious citrus basket are a birthday, wedding or anniversary, graduation, or the birth of a baby.  The gift of a citrus fruit basket as condolence and sympathy in a time of grieving is more practical than sending flowers. Sending a citrus basket to a mourner allows him or her to focus more on grieving rather than having to provide food and snacks for visitors paying respects.

The gift of a citrus fruit basket is thoughtful, smart and economic and can lead to years of return on your investment, whether you send it to a business or to a family.

Many guides are available online for creating your own citrus fruit basket.  It’s not at all difficult to find the main citrus fruit ingredients, and many people who do it themselves find that it’s and interesting and fulfilling task.  In fact, some of them have enjoyed it so much that they have gone on to start their own citrus basket making companies.

You’re limited only by your imagination!