Are You a Plant Lover? You May Be a Biophiliac!

Growing Plant

There are some people who are just drawn to the more natural side of life. You might be one of those people or know one of those people. They prefer the natural finishes in their homes. They can easily spot when an artificial likeness is being used over the natural option. They are always seeking a new way to use natural lighting or blend the outdoors with the indoors.

People who enjoy having those natural elements and mixing nature in their decor are said to prefer biophilic interior design or biophilic architecture. What does biophilic actually mean? It means that as a part of nature, humans need to connect with nature in our everyday lives and surroundings to function at our highest and healthiest state.

What is Biophilia?

In modern times, this idea was first popularized by biologist and naturalist Edward O. Wilson, who took the word from the work of philosopher and social psychologist Erich Fromm. However, we can trace the roots of these ideas back to the very founding of western civilization. The word is a Greek word that describes this connection to nature as a “love of life.”

From natural countertops and edges to marble floors to plant-filled offices and retail spaces, this is an idea that our current culture has obviously embraced. You can see it in almost every design space, from fluffy wool fabrics to flower prints. The thing is that this is not just a fad. This is actually a way of using our environment to help make us healthier and more fulfilled as people.

Why Nature Matters to People

When primates are placed in an environment more like their natural home, their moods improve so much that they get along better with their mates and the other members of their community.

What we know now is that it has less to do with duplicating their specific natural environment and more to do with giving them back their connection to nature. People experience life no differently than these primates do. That’s why when you put plants in your office space, people get along better and are actually more productive.

Most people don’t have the time, money, and space to invest in brand new picture windows or an outdoor kitchen. But, we can still really benefit from having nature closer to us every day. Some scientific studies tell us that simply looking at a photograph of nature for less than a minute can dramatically impact our stress levels and productivity. Just a small connection to nature can touch every part of your life, and it can even improve your sleep!

The best way to create a biophilic addition to your life is by adding plants to your environment. You can order indoor plants wholesale, giving you access to an even wider selection of plants at a lower price than at your local stores. In addition, you can opt for creating a space using all of the same types of plants, such as clay plants. The best part is you don’t have to be a plant doctor to make a small green oasis in your home and receive the benefits of adding nature to your life.

Add Some Extra Life To Your Home Today

Plants are shown to have a wide variety of benefits, not only for your home, but for your life as a whole. Not only that, but growing them is deeply rewardin, and enriching as well.

Having plants is going to add virtue to your life, so why wait? Get started ordering your indoor plants wholesale at Soil and Clay. Choose from all types of plants and styles of plant accessories and have them shipped right to your door.