Lemon trees should be planted in well-draining soil with enough sunlight and proper watering to be healthy. However, one other important part of caring for the lemon tree is providing it with balanced nutrients from fertilizers. If you know when to fertilize lemon trees effectively, you can maximize the plant’s health. 

Outdoor trees should be fertilized with complete citrus food, but you need to know when to feed lemon trees for the nutrients to be effective. The best time to fertilize lemon trees is once in January or February, another application in April or May, and the last application to be done in August or September. Make sure to follow the label directions to maximize the usage of the citrus fertilizer you will apply.  

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Fertilizers make lemon trees healthier, more productive, and more beautiful. Most soil does not provide sufficient nutrients to fruiting trees, and nutrition is necessary for optimal lemon tree growth. Remember that as trees grow, make leaves, produce blooms, and develop fruit, they consume lots of nutrients from the soil. When we apply fertilizers, we replenish the lost nutrients and make sure that there will be enough food for our tree to flourish. 

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