Having Lemon and Lime trees at home can come in handy especially when we like hosting parties in our backyards. We can use them to make a vinaigrette, marinades, cocktails, flavoring for different dishes, even for baking cakes and other pastries. What’s more, we can also use the fruits from Lemon Lime trees for cleaning because their refreshing smell can remove musty or bad odors.

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To grow fruit, lemon trees need to be cared for properly. If you are trying to grow lemons, you’re probably wondering—Do lemon trees need fertilizer? The answer is yes! Lemon tree fertilization is a key element in keeping your citrus tree healthy. 

Lemon trees are easy to grow and caring for them isn’t a huge task. The trees just need enough sunlight, proper watering, well-draining soil, pruning when needed, cold protection, and of course, fertilization. Growing fruit is a laborious task for a tree and consumes a lot of nutrients and energy. Therefore, lemon tree fertilization is essential for these citrus trees to start bearing heavy, juicy, and flavorful fruits.

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