Citrus x Meyeri, otherwise known as the Meyer lemon, originates from China. The Meyer lemon tree’s size ranges from 6-10 feet, while dwarf varieties grow to about 5-7 feet. Its leaves are dark green and shiny, while its blossoms are white with a purple base.

Meyer lemon trees are known to start bearing fruit at around four years old if grown from seed. Trees that are a product of grafting to a dwarf rootstock can start blooming as early as 1 year. Meyer lemon trees are known to bear fruit for as long as 30 years, a period that can be further extended with proper care. Like other citrus, it is also a natural insect repellant.

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One great thing about the Meyer lemon is that it can bear fruit almost all year round. It’s also quite resilient and can thrive outdoors. It can still do well outdoors during winter so long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plant nurseries offer improved Meyer lemon trees for sale. These trees are naturally immune to the citrus Tristeza virus which further enhances the tree’s resiliency. Its innate charm, hardiness, and manageable size make it great for growing indoors. Shop our collection of lemon trees today!