Miracle Fruit

We’re known for offering citrus trees in pots for sale, but we offer more than just citrus trees for sale online…including the one-and-only Miracle Fruit Tree!

What is Miracle Fruit?

This might sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but imagine eating a berry that magically makes every sour food you eat for up to an hour afterwards taste sugar-sweet. Sound like fiction? It’s not – it’s the Miracle Fruit! The scarlet, oblong berries contain a compound called miraculin that binds to the taste buds on your tongue responsible for letting you experience sweetness, altering your perception of sour foods (like lemons) so that they taste sweet to you.

An evergreen shrub, the Miracle Fruit is a shrubby, tropical plant indigenous to West Africa, where the fruit has traditionally been used to sweeten palm wine and other drinks. It’s an attractive plant with tapered, oval leaves, small white flowers, and red drupe berries about an inch in diameter. The tree grows to about 18 feet tall in the wild, but can be kept smaller through pruning, almost like a shrub. If you enjoy growing dwarf citrus trees in pots, you’ll find the Miracle Fruit plant just as easy to grow – similar to growing citrus tree in containers, the Miracle Fruit needs a large container, good drainage, and a sunny spot to thrive. You’ll also want to make sure you provide humidity for the plant and acidic soil – check out our citrus tree product soil care kits for help.

More Miraculous Qualities of the Miracle Fruit Shrub

If you have ever wondered about the best gifts for cancer patients, the tropical Miracle Fruit Tree is a great choice. Not only is a pretty, cheering plant to look at…the fruit can also help chemotherapy patients who are having trouble with tasting foods.

A common side effect of chemotherapy is dysgeusia, a condition that interferes with our sense of taste. The same properties that make Miracle Fruit transform sour or acidic flavors into sweet can also aid those suffering from dysgeusia in enjoying the taste of food again.

A Miracle Fruit Tree is also a great gift for diabetics. Not only is the fruit high in healthy antioxidants, the sweet-enhancing effects of eating just one Miracle Fruit Berry can help diabetics to enjoy intensely sweet flavors without consuming high amounts of sugar. Imagine a slice of lemon that tastes like a lemonade popsicle, or sourdough bread that tastes like the sweetest cake. One fruit from this easy-to-grow small tree is all it takes!

Unique Fruit to Grow at Home

Citrus.com is your place to buy dwarf citrus trees – and other unusual fruit trees, too! There’s a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to be had from growing your own fruit and watching your own fruit trees bloom, but don’t forget that our trees are also a great gift. A thoughtful option for those dealing with diabetes or cancer, a Miracle Fruit Tree is a thoughtful option that will last a lot longer than an arrangement of flowers – and will also produce fruit that can help those who dealing with challenges tasting food or missing the sweet taste of sugary treats.