Citrus & Improving Your Weight Loss – Two Tips For Success

Losing weight by running is a great idea – it works quite well. On top of that not only can you lose fat but running also improves your cardiovascular system, improves your stamina and is generally a great exercise for your heart and lungs. However as anyone who has ever tried to lose weight by running can tell you, it seems to work very well when you start but as you continue to run your weight loss starts to decline. The reason for this is that your body has adapted to doing that particular physical activity and doesn’t need as much energy as before.

What this means for you though is that while you are losing fat really fast for the first few days or weeks, the results soon become less than impressive to the point where you hardly see any results at all. This is very frustrating since you know it worked great before, in fact this frustration can cause someone to abandon the idea of running for weight loss altogether, which would be a mistake. So how does one solve this problem and get great results once more?

Increase Intensity

Assuming that your diet is in order and no changes should be made to it. There are only two ways to get better results from doing a certain exercise – increase the amount of time spent doing it, or increase the intensity. Since running already takes a fairly long time I am going to guess that most people aren’t looking forward to a 2 hour long daily run, which leaves the other option. By increasing intensity, in this case running faster you can get a large increase in amount of calories burned.

Take Supplements

Taking supplements can also improve your weight loss results. For example acai berry can detox your body, which is great as it will make you feel better and more energetic. It can also improve weight loss and decrease appetite, which could be very helpful because when you increase intensity of your runs, you will burn more calories and feel more hungry, it is important to not over eat and appetite suppressants make doing so much easier.

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About the Author

Jone Dow has a lot of weight loss experience and is now interested in acai berry products and how acai can help you lose some weight.