How tall do dwarf lime trees grow?

Have you ever wanted to grow your own citrus tree at home, but were stopped by their hulking size, or the fear that taking care of them would take up too much time? Who wouldn’t want to grow their own citrus tree in their backyard, patio, or inside the house so they could enjoy organic fruits? Well you are not alone.

Go Small

Typically, lime trees can grow as high as 15 to 20 feet tall so it is out of the question to take them indoors. However, you will be able to find dwarf lime trees for sale in reputable nurseries. Dwarf lime tree height is just around 6 to 10 feet tall when planted in the ground but tend to be shorter when planted in a pot. As you can see even with limited space you can fit dwarf lime trees inside your home and be awed by the beautiful canopy, awesome blooms, refreshing citrus scent, and fresh lime fruits within reach.

Dwarf Lime Tree Care

Unlike other cultivars, a dwarf lime tree has very few needs and doesn’t require constant care and supervision. Just take note of the few things these trees need and you are all set.

  • Being categorized as tropical plants, lime trees need a warm, tropical climate to thrive. They also prefer full sun but can tolerate some shade, and they do better in hot summers and mild winters planted in moist, well-draining soil.
  • Lime trees do not like standing water so make sure that you plant the dwarf lime tree in a pot with many holes at the bottom. Also keep in mind that proper watering can ensure that the leaves does not fall off due to withering or turn yellow and start cupping due to overwatering. The technique is to deeply water your dwarf lime tree until the water runs from the holes in the bottom of the pot. Before watering your tree again make sure that the top 2 to 3 inches of soil has completely dried out.
  • Part of dwarf lime tree care is pruning. Don’t worry though as it does not require elaborate pruning, just keep an eye out for suckers or shoots that grow below the graft union as they steal away nutrients needed by the main stem to grow. Make sure to cut out crossing limbs and dead wood to let the air flow freely and allow sunlight penetrate in between branches.
  • Once you start noticing new growth on your dwarf lime tree it means it is time to start fertilizing. Use a fertilizer that contains 6 to 10 percent nitrogen, 4 to 6 percent magnesium, and some phosphorus pentoxide and potassium. Fertilize your lime tree once every six weeks during spring and summer. Reduce fertilizing to once every 2 to 3 months during the colder months of fall and winter.