How big does a Kaffir Lime Tree grow?

The Kaffir Lime Tree, botanically known as Citrus hystrix, is an evergreen citrus tree grown for its glossy, aromatic leaves and fruit rind mainly used in Asian cuisine to add aromatic and flavor to dishes and reduce the pungent smell of certain ingredients like snail and fish. In some Asian countries, the leaves and fruit juice from Kaffir lime trees are used for medicinal purposes, while some religious ceremonies use lustral water mixed with Kaffir tree fruit slices.

Where to buy Kaffir lime tree

If you are a citrus home grower who likes Tom Yum, Thai curry paste and other Asian dishes that make use of Kaffir lime leaf tree, then growing a Kaffir lime tree Florida is a good idea since you can get fresh leaves and fruit zest anytime you feel like cooking Asian dishes for yourself and friends.

But where can you find Kaffir lime trees for sale?

Most citrus nurseries have a standard-sized Kaffir lime tree for sale with some even growing dwarf Kaffir lime tree for sale. Some nurseries may have the tree listed under Makrut Lime Tree or Mauritius papeda but they are all the same tree.

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Go Big or Keep it Small?

Some of our biggest concerns as home gardeners are our ability to care for fruit trees, space at home, and Kaffir lime tree problems.

Keep in mind that when you buy a Kaffir lime tree and plant it directly in the ground, the tree could grow to 15 feet in height. If you have limited space growing a dwarf Kaffir lime tree is a good option as it would only grow 6 to 8 feet tall when planted in the ground, or smaller when grown in a pot.


  • How to grow Kaffir lime tree?
  • When you buy a Kaffir lime tree for sale Texas, know that there are specific conditions that need to be met for the tree to reach its optimal growth. It needs full sunlight, well-draining soil, proper watering, humidity during hot weather, cold protection during winter months and pruning while young to induce branching and leaf growth.
  • How to grow Kaffir lime tree from cutting?
  • Propagate your Kaffir Lime tree in spring as it is the best time of the year for citrus trees to be planted. If you have bought a Kaffir tree for sale and wish to grow more via cutting, make sure to prepare the pot filled with potting soil before selecting a stem tip for cutting. Choose a stem that is approximately 4 inches in length that has no flowers or fruits. Remove leaves except for the upper 2 or 3 leaves. Stick a pencil or small twig into your potting soil to make a hole. Plant the branch you selected into the hole you made and bury at least half of the stem. Firm the soil around the stem to ensure it doesn’t topple over. 
  • How to prune Kaffir lime tree?
  • Kaffir lime tree pruning is not just about shaping your tree and training it to have an upright growth habit; it also means removing weak, spindly branches or dead shoots that would only steal nutrients from parts of the trees that actually need it. You can prune your Kaffir tree any time of the year as needed.