Fertilizing 101

Being a plant parent can be hard! That’s why we’re here to help you through GROWING SEASON! 

You’re probably wondering… how & when do I feed my indoor plants?

Plants are usually good about telling you when they are lacking something. Whether it is water, sunlight, nutrients, etc. Their leaves will sometimes grow pale and thing when they aren’t getting enough sun. When there isn’t enough moisture their leaves get crispy, and when there’s too much- you get DREADED ROOT ROT!

Knowing when your plant needs to be fertilized can get a little bit trickier! Each plant is different so do your research.

Common Fertilizing Schedule

** Because plants are usually dormant in the fall and winter there is no need to fertilize your plants at this time**


  • Start fertilizing your plant babies about 8 weeks before the last chill/frost. If you don’t know when that is, just ask siri!
  • Remember that the first couple times your fertilize in spring should be at half strength. This is because they are just coming out of dormancy. Too much food could kill them!


  • When summer arrives, it’s GAME ON! It’s time to feed these babies more frequently.
  • Make sure to base the frequency of feeding depending on the type of fertilizer you use.
  1. Liquid fertilizers are applied more frequently, bi-weekly or monthly, for example.
  2. Granular products are used less frequently, perhaps once every month or two.
  3.  Slow-release houseplant fertilizers break down slowly and release their nutrients in small amounts, over a longer period of time. A single application of most of these products lasts for three to four months.

**Houseplants are in a state of active growth when summer light levels are high**