Which Fruit Tree Bears Fruit The Fastest After Planting?

Growing your own food at home is rewarding and can be a fun hobby. However waiting years for any fruit after planting trees can be frustrating and leave you feeling discouraged. To avoid that, here are the fruit trees that you’ll see the fruit from the fastest after planting.


These juicy round fruit are one of the fastest growers in the US bearing fruit within as little as 2 to 3 years. They’re self-pollinating and at full height will be around 25 feet tall. Each year from early on you’ll have ripe fresh peaches ready for picking.

These are also a great option for any type of growing area. Peaches come in smaller size trees so they’re perfect for growing fruit in pots off your back deck or porch. Dwarf peaches are an excellent choice for being grown in containers rather than the ground and will still produce juicy fruit each summer for years to come. These will reach only about 5 feet in height and need abundant full sunlight to produce the most fruit.

How To Grow A Peach Tree Indoors

Due to the small size of dwarf peach trees, they can also be grown inside. As long as the plant receives enough full sunlight it should thrive. But there are a few other things you’ll want to know about growing peaches indoors.


Full sunlight is the most important step for peach trees to grow strong and produce fruit each year. These plants require at least 6 hours of full sunlight each day along with good airflow. It’s important this airflow doesn’t cause too much of a temperature change though.


Peach trees require a consistent temperature year round. This is necessary for your plant to begin producing healthy juicy fruit. You’ll want to make sure they’re not placed in a drafty area or in any area where the temperature may fluctuate.

Growing Medium

Soil is another important element in ensuring you grow a healthy peach plant. Placing your dwarf peach tree into the correct environment will make the difference between a healthy and thriving plant, and one barely surviving.

This soil should be slightly-acidic and kept somewhat moist but never soggy. This will promote the best root growth and increase the chance for growing fruit faster.

Citrus Trees

Citrus, just like any other fruit, is better fresh. Luckily growing a citrus tree isn’t complex and plants like lemons, limes, and oranges can produce fruit as quickly as a year after planting with the proper care.

These fruits don’t have to be out of your reach just because you don’t live in a tropical climate. Citrus trees can definitely thrive indoors so a citrus tree in a pot will do just fine. These plants are also self-pollinating so you’ll only need one. Just make sure you plant them in mildly acidic soil mixed with 20% sharp sand. Also allow them at least 6 hours of full-sun a day and a consistent warm environment.

One of the most popular indoor citrus plants are Meyer lemon trees. These are a hearty option for indoor fruit growing and will produce fruit rather quickly. Pruning once fruit appears, and keeping their environment humid will also help indoor citrus plants grow quickly.

Fig Trees

Another great option for fruit growing at home are fig plants. Like most soft fruits, these plants will quickly bear fruit after being planted in only a year or so. Plus due to popularity there are many varieties perfect for each climate.

Whether you want to plant these outdoors or grow them inside, they’re a great option for either environment. These plants love hot and long dry summer weather. However they’ll also conform quickly to any container which makes them an easy option for growing indoors. You’ll also want to ensure the fruit ripens completely before picking. It won’t continue to ripen after being taken off the tree.

Apricot Trees

Another terrific fruit tree for growing at home without much hassle is the apricot. These are self fruiting so you only need one, plus they can do well in some cooler temperatures. Like most fruits, they also come in dwarf sizes so you can also choose to plant these in pots.

These do take a little longer than some fruits, but if you purchase a year-old tree you’ll likely see fruit within the second year. You’ll still want to ensure this fruit bearing plant gets plenty of sunlight to help it grow juicy and large fruit. Plus, after they’re done with their fruit bearing years they become a beautiful ornamental plant.

Apple Trees

One fruiting tree that may take a little longer to produce fruit but will be easy to grow, are apple trees. These come in a large variety of fruits and even specific ornamental plants. Plus they’re one of the better fruit trees for growing in pots as long as you opt for dwarf varieties that are the right size.

In full sun and with the right soil conditions, one apple tree is enough to supply enough apples for an entire family. Just be patient as it will take between 3-5 years to see fruit.


While technically not a tree, fruit bearing bushes need recognition as well. Often fruits that grow on smaller trees including most berries, will produce fruit within the first few years. These types of plants include; blueberries, strawberries, mulberries, and raspberries to name a few.

Make sure you research each fruit and follow recommendations for planting, growth and care to ensure you see fruit as quickly as possible.

Finding Fruit Trees Online

As you can see, there are plenty of fruit trees that will produce fruit quickly, and can be grown either indoors or out. No longer spend money on fruit from the store when it can be grown in your own home without much effort at all.

If you’re ready to grow your own fruit trees, consider checking out Yarden.com. There, you can browse through healthy fig trees for sale and other fruit trees including exotic options like banana trees and more, so that you can get your own home garden going in no time.