Do Plants Like Being Touched?

Plants that like to be touched

Suppose that you have just had a batch of fresh indoor plants delivered to your door. Naturally, you want to take the best care of them possible. You know that this likely means giving them lots of care and being attentive. But, does this include physical contact? Do plants like being touched at all?

The simple answer is that no, most plants do not like to be touched. Of course, this does depend somewhat on the plant. Some plants don’t mind being touched near as much as others do.

Check out everything you should know about what plants do and don’t like being touched before you consider your next house plant.

Why Do Plants Die When I Touch Them?

Most plants won’t fall over dead when you touch them, but that still does not mean it is a good thing to do. Plants have very sensitive leaves because they need to sense sunlight, movement in the air, and even weather. In general, the human touch is usually a bit harsh for a plant’s sensitive leaves.

It is also important to understand that your skin has natural oils and enzymes that are not necessarily conducive to your plant’s health.

In most cases, touch won’t kill plants but be warned that it can make them sick and stunt their growth. In some cases, though, it can kill a plant.

Do Plants Get Lonely?

You may have heard that plants like music, being talked to, and even being around each other. This might make you wonder if they have feelings or get lonely. Well, they don’t have feelings, but what is occurring is that they are feeling vibrations.

The vibrations of soft music and certain voices are similar to the sounds of nature and stimulate growth in plants. The reason plants grow well grouped together is because if they have similar characteristics, such as being lovers of humidity, they may come together to support a more humid pocket that is more conducive to each plant, as well as the group.

Which Plants Do Not Like to be Touched?

Many plants, the majority of common house plants included, do not especially like to be touched. That said, some plants do not like being touched to the degree that it will affect their overall health and general well-being.

Here are some plants that hate to be touched:

Venus flytrap: Natively, this carnivorous beauty is on the endangered species list. It grows natively in the wetlands of the Carolinas but is popularly cultivated as a house plant. The plant traps its prey by activating very sensitive hairs that trigger its trap.

Touching these plants will cause it enough stress that it will drop leaves which causes it to have a lessened ability for photosynthesis. This can weaken the plant, and if it has to try to fight any other factors, it could even kill the plant.

Mimosa Pudica: The Mimosa Pudica, commonly known as the Shameplant, dislikes being touched so much that it visibly recoils to protect itself. Sadly it is often grown for the fascination, and it is tried often. But, as with other plants, stressing the plant by touching it often can make it debilitated and eventually could cause the plant to no longer be able to support itself.

The Mimosa Pudica perennial creeping flower has very pretty blooms. It is considered a weed and grows natively in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. In addition to its sensitivity to touch, it is also sensitive to light, opening in the daytime, and closing at night.

Maidenhair Fern: This fern has fronds that can shed water without becoming wet. Many people think that the oils in your skin can cause damage to the very sensitive fronds and possibly even damage their ability to shed water so easily.

Several varieties are native to North America, and they are a popular plant because they are generally considered a hardy option.

Is it Dangerous to Touch Plants?

Not only can it be damaging to a plant for you to touch it, but some plants can hurt you if you touch them. For example, most people have heard of poison ivy and poison oak, and with the word poison in the name, you might have guessed that touching them is probably not a great idea.

Many other plants are considered poisonous and are not safe to touch. Some of the more common plants that would fall under this umbrella include Philodendron, English Ivy, Poinsettia, and Hyacinth Bulbs.

Which Plants Like to be Touched?

While it is fairly safe to say that most plants do not like to be touched, a few at least do not mind it. It is always best to assume that you shouldn’t touch a plant unless it belongs to you, you know what it is, and you are sure it is safe for you and the plant you are touching.

Even if you don’t like to touch your plants, you may have children who could touch them regardless of whether or not they should. Maybe you are in a situation to order wholesale indoor plants to decorate a venue or order wholesale houseplants as party favors or gifts for families and groups. Either way, you should know what you’re in for.

These are some of the best plants that do not mind human touch:

Peace Lily: These beautiful flowers are fairly hardy and can tolerate being touched. They have a pretty white flower atop a tall spear.

Aloe: Aloe is a super hardy plant and can even endure having its leaves plucked off. It is a great plant for healing and is commonly recommended as a starter houseplant.

Jade Plant: Jade plants have gorgeous glossy little leaves. They look great and can handle being touched because they are so hardy.

Order Wholesale Indoor Plants

Maybe you need to order wholesale indoor plants for a venue, or you need a bunch of party favors or attendee gifts and decide to opt for wholesale houseplants. If so, remember to stick with hardy plants that can handle touch so they can live comfortably with children and pets.

This makes wholesale houseplants a perfect option because you can have a batch of indoor plants delivered directly to your door in just a few clicks.