Do Kumquats Have Vitamin C?

There is an ongoing debate on whether to scientifically classify the kumquats as a genus of Citrus. Some plant biologists argue that they should be classified as genus Fortunella because of their slight difference from other citrus fruit. However, kumquats and other citrus fruits share similar ancestry and can crossbreed with each other, hence, the two classifications are often used interchangeably.

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What Do Kumquats Taste Like?

Kumquats, those tiny oval-shaped fruits, are very much like oranges but are also totally different in their own way. Kumquats are different not just in size and shape but also in how you can eat them. With their sweet paper-thin skin, non-existent bitter pith, and edible seeds, they are ready to eat as you pick them off the tree. 

When Are Kumquats in Season?

Originally grown in China, Kumquats are now grown in several countries, including some parts of the U.S., specifically warmer regions like Florida and California.

The exact time may vary depending upon the cultivar but generally, kumquats ripen from November to June.

Do Sweet Kumquats Contain Vitamin C?

The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C and fiber and provides several nutritional and health benefits. The skin and edible seeds provide a small amount of omega-3 fats. And with 80% of their weight coming from water, kumquats provide a very hydrating fruit treat.

Can You Grow Your Own Kumquats?

Kumquat Trees can sprout from seeds, but the resulting trees are mostly weak and may be difficult and slow to grow. We highly recommend that you look for kumquats trees for sale from nurseries or farms.

Growing a kumquat tree is relatively easy. And because these trees are self-fertile you’ll only need one tree in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Provided there is good drainage, these trees can tolerate almost any soil type. They need full sun to thrive but can tolerate winter temperatures as low as 18º F.

Growing Kumquats Indoors

Kumquats are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow in garden pots. When growing indoors, make sure to place them where they can get full sun. Make sure you plant your kumquat tree in a very large container as these trees can’t tolerate being root-bound. Also, use containers that drain well as these trees are very susceptible to root rot diseases.

What Are Kumquats Good For?

Because kumquat’s seeds and sweet peel are edible they make a good ready to eat snack. They can also make a great addition to your salads, baked good, jams and jellies, and desserts.

Kumquats are also rich in vitamin C and plant compounds that boost the body’s immune system and helps fight infection and may even reduce the risk of cancer.

If you haven’t tried kumquats before and wish to have a taste of its original and unique flavor make sure to check your local fruit stand and groceries starting November through June. If you are unable to find them in your local grocery, you can buy kumquat fruits and trees online.