A Citrus Fruit Basket Is a Great Gift for Any Occasion

Fresh Citrus Gift Basket: Perfect for Any Occasion

Sending a citrus fruit basket as a gift for almost any special occasion is a smart and economic investment and always appreciated by the recipients.

Whether it’s a holiday like Christmas or Hanukkah, a special event such as the birth of a baby, a graduation, a wedding anniversary or as condolence in a time of grievance, an attractively decorated citrus basket filled with a variety of delicious fine fruits along with other goodies really shows you care.  It’s easy to make a citrus fruit basket on your own, but if this is not an option, you can find the citrus basket gift you need on the Internet for anywhere from US$20 to $100 with an easy online search.

One of the great things about citrus fruit baskets is that the main ingredients are usually easily available in the United States all the time. The most common citrus fruits that go into a citrus fruit basket are grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, clementine, mandarin, kumquat, pummelo and sometimes other more exotic citrus fruits. Most gourmet citrus baskets also include apples, pears, figs and grapes to add a variety of taste, as well as aroma and an elegant look. Nuts, crackers and cheeses can also be added (as appropriate to the occasion) to make the citrus fruit basket even more inviting.

Citrus fruits have an interesting history that go far back to ancient times. Before the fruits became known as important food staples containing essential vitamins, such as Vitamin C and numerous others, the fragrance of citrus trees, including their fruits and flowers, perfumed rooms, were thought to repel insects, believed to be remedies for poisons and to sweeten breath. Historians claim that Alexander the Great brought the first citrus trees and shrubs to Greece from India in 4th Century BCE. Citrus fruits are shown in many ancient art works, such as relics of the early Christian tile mosaics in the churches of the Emperor Constantine in Istanbul, Turkey. Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing citrus fruits to the New World in 1493.

Almost everyone loves citrus fruits. A citrus fruit basket is a celebration of life, and the gift of a citrus fruit basket is an expression of love and caring. It’s also a very useful gift, especially in a time of mourning when the recipient can focus more on grieving rather than providing food and snacks for guests. In fact, a citrus fruit basket is hit in any party situation or gathering — so why not send one to yourself, whether your party is for 100 people or only two!