HappyGrow Growing System – 1 Gallon Tree


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Anthracite 5 L $24.99 Wednesday, October 5th
Bronze 5 L $24.99 Wednesday, October 5th
Dove Grey 5 L $24.99 Wednesday, October 5th
Fuscia 5 L $24.99 Wednesday, October 5th
Terracota 5 L $24.99 Wednesday, October 5th
Terra di Sienna 5 L $24.99 Wednesday, October 5th

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Growing citrus and other fruit trees at home can present you with choices when it comes to the space you have and the tree size you desire. If you would like to maximize the length of time your new 1-gallon size fruit tree can remain in its pot, or maintain your tree at a smaller height, then the HappyGrow Growing System / Dwarfing Kit is just what you need. This kit combines a Small (2-gallon) Decorative Pot, and a matching Small (5 Liter) Air Pruning Pot.

Together this pair of containers allows your 1-gallon tree to remain potted for an extended period, while still maintaining root, tree, and fruit health. Just add soil, water, sunlight, and fertilizer and watch your dwarfed tree thrive and give you delicious crops.

The Small Decorative Pots are made in Italy to the finest levels of tasteful design and quality construction. Their Teiplast material gives you the durability of a solid plastic resin, without a plastic look. Choose from Decorative Pot colors Anthracite, Bronze, Dove Grey, Terra di Siena, Fuchsia, and Terracotta to blend with your décor.

The Small Air Pruning Pot is designed to fit inside the Decorative Pot, where strategically placed holes and side corrugation encourage roots to turn back into viable soil, rather than spiral around the pot’s interior wall. This innovation is what lets your tree thrive in a pot for much longer than ordinary plant containers.

The 1-GallonHappyGrow Growing System / Dwarfing Kit is perfect for both minimizing re-potting frequency, and providing a dwarfed tree with the ability to grow both healthy roots and tasty fruit.